January 5 - 8

Week 18 - Happy New Year!

News This Week

Tests: Due to the short week, we will only have a math test (division) this Friday. Reading, grammar, and spelling will be review work in class.

AR: Students will retake the STAR Reading test this week and have new book levels and goals for third quarter. Students should have book at home EVERY NIGHT. There is time for students to read in the gym in the morning as well (most of our class arrives early enough to have reading time).

Behavior & Homework: A new behavior and homework sheet will be coming home. Expect fluency work and math most nights. We will start this next week with our rotation schedule to make sure all three teachers have the same expectations. More information will be sent with the work. Students WILL have math each night this week, so be on the look out!

Parent Meeting - Optional: Mr. Ellis is hosting an optional parent meeting Thursday evening to discuss the rotation of classes that will start next week. This is to field any concerns you may have, but is not required. Please see his note and email for more information.

AR Reward - Friday Afternoon - James and the Giant Peach

Studies this Week

  • Skills: Point of View & Compare and Contrast
  • Dibels Practice & DAZE Passage

RI.3.6: Distinguish your own view from that of the author of a text.

RI.3.9: Compare and contrast two passages on the same topic


  • No spelling this week


  • Division - The relationship to multiplication and deciding when to multiply and divide.
  • Math Facts


No vocabulary this week.


We will work on writing comparisons and contrasts with two texts.


Review week

Practice at Home

Practice Point of View

  • What does the author want the reader to understand about this topic?
  • Think about what the author is telling you in this text. Do you agree or disagree with the author’s thinking?
  • How does the author feel about the topic? Do you agree or disagree? Explain why or why not.
  • The author says _____ (object) is ____(adjective). What is another word to describe the object? Explain why you chose this word.
  • Do you agree with ____ (author’s point of view)? Explain your answer. Use a detail from the text in your answer.

Practice Compare and Contrast

  • What is the same about the points presented in these two texts? What is different?
  • How are the most important points in the two texts about ____ alike and different?
  • How are the key details in the two texts about _____ alike and different?

Important Dates


5 - Students Return

8 - 2nd Q AR Reward

8 - Report Cards Sent Home

11 - Class Rotations Begin

14 - Class Pictures

18 - No School - MLK Day

26 - Snow Wizard $1.00

29 - Talent Show