Mirrormont Country Club News

Summer 2019

Save the Dates!

It's here! The summer sun is finally here! And it's time to mark your calendars for some upcoming events that take advantage of this beautiful weather.

Membership Appreciation Event -- Saturday, September 21st

The Club will host a fun evening of socialization and dinner.

After Hours Adult Swim -- Friday, August 23rd

Enjoy a kid-free night; since we are all over 18 there will be no lifeguard needed.

MCA/MCC Picnic -- Saturday, August 24th

Come to the Mirrormont Country Clubhouse for a cookout, swim, and games! The picnic will be held from 4:00 - 7:00PM.

We hope to see you soon!!

Pool Reminders

  • Please sign in as you enter the pool...you AND your guests! We need to know who is using the pool for safety reasons.
  • Please fill out an updated health and emergency form. These are located in the kitchen.
  • Member’s children between the age of ten (10) and seventeen (17) may swim while under lifeguard supervision without an attending parent, provided they have signed a “Health and Emergency Information” form on file with the lifeguard.
  • All minor children may be asked to pass a lifeguard-approved swim test before being allowed to swim in the pool unattended by an accompanying adult.
  • Children under ten (10) years of age must always be accompanied by an adult and are the responsibility of the accompanying adult—not the responsibility of the lifeguard.
  • No one is allowed to swim outside of regular pool hours or without a lifeguard on duty. Please see the Mirrormont Country Club website for hours of operation.
  • Glass is not allowed on the pool deck.
  • Food and drink are not allowed while in the water and needs to remain at least six (6) feet from wading pool and four (4) feet from main pool.
  • Pets are not allowed inside the pool enclosure.

Why Adult Swim?

Ever wondered why we have adult swim and what exactly it means? Here's what you should know:

  • Because of the size of our pool and membership base, we are monitored by the King County Department of Health and need to follow their rules for community pools (hence the need to always have a lifeguard).
  • Once an hour, usually 10 minutes to the hour, the lifeguard will whistle for adult swim. During this time, the lifeguard gets a break and makes sure the pool is performing up to standards.
  • During adult swim, no one under 18 is allowed in the pool, INCLUDING the kiddie pool.

Other questions? Let us know and we'll answer them for you!

Board Member Spotlight: Maurice Whitley

Curious who makes up the Board? We are all your neighbors, members of the Mirrormont Country Club, just like you. In this newsletter, we'd like to highlight one of our board members who has been on the Board for the last three years as the Building Trustee. He helps make our Club run smoothly! Meet Maurice!

"I was born and raised in Seattle Washington and moved from Bellevue to Mirrormont in 1997. I am a single father of two children that I have custody of, my daughter Samantha (13) and my son Austin (9). I enjoy living in Mirrormont for the relaxed feeling of not being in the city and the tranquility of living more in the country even though we are only twenty minutes away.

My latest hobby is a restaurant I purchased called cedar river BBQ. Plus for those who have driven by my house building block walls. I also enjoy doing many outdoor activities with my children and traveling."

Thanks for all you do Maurice!!

Big picture

We have Volunteer Opportunities!

Don't forget to work off your volunteer hours this summer! We have a ton of projects that we are looking for help on, and they run the gambit from helping clean up the place to organizing events -- just let us know what you're interested in! In particular, we are looking for two volunteers to run the Fall Cleanup.

Ready to volunteer? Contact Alissa Williams, volunteer coordinator: mirrormontccvolunteer@gmail.com

Pickleball at the Tennis Courts

If you head to the tennis courts, you may see new chalk lines on the courts. These are pickleball lines! If you have a pickleball net, feel free to bring it down and play a game on the court!

And Remember You Can Pay Your Dues Online!

And Remember, you can pay your dues online!

Pay Dues

We are now using PayPal to give our members an additional option to pay dues.

There is a new tab in the top navigation "Membership Dues"

You can now pay all dues online.

There are 9 options to select from:

  1. January - June Dues - Membership only - $360.00
  2. July - December Dues - Membership only - $360.00
  3. Maintenance Fee only - $253.00
  4. January - June Dues & Maintenance - $613.00
  5. July - December Dues & Maintenance - $613.00
  6. January - December Dues only - $721.00
  7. January - December & Maintenance - $978.00
  8. Tennis Membership only - $103.00
  9. Social Membership only - $206.00

Pay Now >>

Contact Information

Questions can be sent to the general email and we will get it to the person who can help.

If you have a specific question of any of the areas listed below, please feel free to reach out directly: