The Last Letter

The Fourth and Final

Party Tips

Here are some things to keep in mind at your first parties:

BE EXCITED!!! Show your enthusiasm for your products! Take your OWN before and after pictures! (The book is great to bring to parties and pass around, too!) Talk about what you know and love! If you don't have a lot of product yet, that's ok!! Share what you have and maybe a few things on your wish list you are dying to try!

Consider playing Stack the Guest and Ask me About my Job!! Remember: NEVER pre-judge a guest or a party! Anyone could be your next rockstar hostess or even recruit!!!

ASSEMBLE YOUR HOST PLANNING PACKETS! Remember to label everything!! I suggest making several at a time and including the following items:

  • Gift bag (Paper or reusable)
  • Hostess Guide
  • 2-3 Product Catalogs
  • 5-6 Customer Order Forms
  • The Business Opportunity Flyer
  • Monthly Host & Customer Specials

A great raffle prize would be to offer free shipping! No upfront cost to you and your guests will love it!

Consider giving out laundry detergent samples (2T in a baggie) or another consumable (Diluted Odor Eliminator in dollar store spray bottles!) to buying guests! Everyone loves free stuff!

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