Carl Eugene Watts

"Coral" "The Sunday Morning Killer"


Born in Killeen, Texas. His father, Richard Eugene Watts was a private first class in the Army At two years old, his parents separated and was raised by his mother, Dorothy Mae Young. In 1962, his mother married a mechanic, and had two daughters

When Watts was 13, he was infected with meningitis which caused him to be held back. When he returned back to school, he had difficulty keeping up with other students. He would fail classes, and reading third grade level at age 16. He also suffered severe bullying at school.


At the age of 12, Watts started to fantasize about torturing and killing girls and young woman. He began to stalk girls and killed his first victim at 15. He was expelled from college after only three months after being accused of stalking and assaulting woman.

Early Life

Watts spent the remainder of his teenage years getting into and out of trouble. He spent most of his time with his mother, and did not have many friends. Watts graduated from high school in 1973, and received a football scholarship to Lane College in Jackson, Tennessee. He had one child, Nakisha Watts, with his girlfriend Deloris Howard. He then married Valeria Goodwill in August of 1979, divorcing in May 1980.

At the age of 13, Coral took a job delivering newspapers to earn spending money. This gave Watts and opportunity to stalk his victims from a distance.


On June 24, 1969, Watts delivered the daily paper to Joan Gave to her door. He handed her the newspaper, and stood on the step watching her into the living room. For no apparent reason, Watts struck her in the face. He then lunged and began beating her. Joan began screaming and Watts ran into the streets with his newspaper bag. He continued delivering papers as if nothing happened.

The same day, Watts was arrested. He was then sent to a forensic psychiatry center in Detroit. Doctors interviewed Watts and he admitted he had dreams and violent fantasies of beating and killing woman that made him feel good. Doctors said he was struggling to control “homicidal tendencies and was considered dangerous.” They also recorded he “showed no remorse for his actions and was impulsive, reckless, and emotionally detached.” But they didn’t believe he suffered from any kind of psychosis and believed he was able to distinguish between right and wrong.


June 24, 1969 - Joan Gave was beaten by her teenage paper boy (Watts)
October 30, 1974 - Lenore Knizacky, 23, was strangled and nearly killed in her apartment.

October 30, 1974 - Gloria Steele was stabbed to death 33 times. Watts never confessed to this murder. A trial was planned but put on hold.

November 12, 2015 - Diane Williams was attacked but lived.

October 8, 1979 - Peggy Pochmara, 22, was strangled to death.

October 31, 1979 - Jeanne Clyne, 44, a reporter for the Detroit News, was stabbed 11 times in the chest and killed as she walked in her neighborhood in Grosse Pointe Farms.

December 1979 - Helen Mae Dutcher was stabbed 12 times and died in Ferndale. Watts denies crime.

March 11, 1980 - Hazel Connof, 23, was strangled to death.

March 31, 1980 - Denise Dunmore, 23, was strangled to death.

April 20, 1980 - Shirley Small, 17, was stabbed twice and died.

May 31, 1980 - Glenda Richmond was stabbed 28 times and died.

These were his first 10 kills, and there were more after. Killed 20-100 people

MO (Modus Operandi)

Strangulation, stabbing, stalk, bludgeoning, and drowning. He never raped, or had sex with his victims. Was also a disorganized killer because he killed and attacked spontaneously. He did not hide his victims, and just left them there.

Arrest and Trial

May 23, 1982, Watts was arrested for breaking into the home of two young women in Houston, and attempting to kill them. He had lived in Michigan, where authorities suspected him of being responsible for the murders of at least 10 women and girls. Watts later claimed that he had killed 40 women, and has also implied that there were more than 80 victims in total. Watts was sentenced to the agreed 60 years. The Texas Court of Appeals ruled that he had not been informed that the bathtub and water he attempted to drown Lori Lister in was considered a deadly weapon .On December 7, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Watts eventually died in prison on September 21, 2007 of prostate cancer.