B & B Bunch

Week of October 10-19

Bits About This Week

In our room, we use our ipads in some way, shape or form everyday. Students need to come prepared with all their supplies, one of which should include headphones or earbuds. We have been fortunate to have a stash of headphones in our room, but they are needed elsewhere in the district, so we are unable to provide these to students. We do understand that they get broken or lost, so if your child is in that spot, could you please send a replacement. If you are unable to, please contact us. We have also reminded the students to bring them to class everyday.

MEA is next week, October 20-21. Students will not be in school, but there could still be opportunities for students to have some reading time each day -- by reading to self or reading out loud to an adult, a sibling, a pet, even a stuffed animal! Math facts can also be practiced -- by doing an app on the iPad, playing a game on the computer, using a deck of cards, or orally while on a car ride. Find ways to make it fun! Enjoy your long weekend!

Please note, this newsletter is set to "private" and not viewable to others who do not have the link.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

3/4 Reading

This week we worked on sequencing events of a story. We looked for clue words that would signal a change in order. Words would include: first, next, then, last, finally, second, in the end, suddenly, etc. They will be taking an assessment via Schoology on this skill Tuesday (18).

We also started Guided Reading groups. During this time, students are working on an activity or in a group for a designated amount of time. Ms. Brandt or Mrs. Bungarden will rotate groups and work on the skill, intervening on a skill that a student(s) have yet to master, Daily Oral Language (DOL), Lexia or Raz Kids. Each day varies on the activities, but it is a great way for kids to work on a couple different things in a small/independent setting for a smaller portion of time.

Next week, you should expect to see you child's work being sent home. It will be quite a stack of papers, which range from stories, graphic organizers, skill sheets and "checks" to show what they have been working on.

3rd Math

We are working hard on our Place Value standards unit! Our focus this week has been various ways numbers can be represented: as a standard number (342), as a place value drawing (three "hundreds boxes", four "tens sticks", and two "ones cubes or stones"), as expanded form (300+40+2), and in word form (three hundred forty-two). So far we are working up to four digits, with a goal to master up to the ten-thousands place.

We have also started our system of daily math stations to help us in our learning. These rotations so far include:

1. Working on the daily lesson with Ms. Brandt

2. IXL Lessons related to our standards of learning

3. Rocket Math fact fluency

4. Math Concepts Review binders

Other activities/learning games will be brought in and out of the rotation plans each week. We will also spiral in past units, such as geometry, to keep those skills fresh.

Next week we will also spend time working on adding and subtracting multi-digit numbers with regrouping (carrying) and ungrouping (borrowing). Any practice at home is encouraged!

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4th Math

All 4th graders take a common assessment and a goals quiz for each unit. These short assessments are a way for students to demonstrate their understanding of the standards for that unit. Last week, they all took the Common Assessment on expanded form to standard form, finding the value of a digit and solving a story situations. If a student gets all 3 right, they do not need to take the Goals quiz. If they get a question(s) wrong, then I meet individually with those students and continue to work on the skills. Then, they get an opportunity to take the Goals quiz (same number or questions, different numbers) again. Once again, they are showing me they understand the skills.

We will take a check on Tuesday, which will cover rounding, ordering numbers, and addition and subtraction story situations--and also an expanded to standard form question. If they do not do well on this check, I will meet with them on those skills, practice problems and then they will have another opportunity to take the check again. I will take the better of the 2 scores for their grade.

On Wednesday (12th), I introduced the term--congruent to the group. In Schoology, there is a video about what congruent is. Then, we came up with our own definition, drew and example and non-example of what it meant. My goal is to continue building their math vocabulary by making their own dictionary via Notability.