Dialing into the SCP


December 5th, 2015

In this edition:

  • Kudos to Kallers
  • Representative Exam Schedule
  • December Incentives
  • Representative of the Fortnight
  • Faculty Visits - Highlights and Upcoming Sessions
  • Reminder - Holiday Party and Gift Exchange
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Fundraising Achievements

Stats as of December 4th, 2015:

  • $63,499.15 raised
  • 555 pledges
  • $108.79 average pledge size
  • 74.96% credit card rate

Difference from last week:

  • Total raised: +$10,489.60
  • No. of pledges: +60
  • Average pledge size: +$5.09
  • Credit card rate: +0.62%

All increases again!! We have never seen stats so good! You are all doing such a fantastic job, thank you so much for all of your hard work!

Weekly Recognition Board

We are very excited to recognize your achievements! These weekly updates shine a light on our top achievers across four areas and are counted with a minimum of 3 pledges. Congratulations to the following Callers on a great week!
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Thank you to everyone who has signed up for their 3-shift minimum before December 4th. A reminder that all Representatives will be accountable for all of their preferred shifts, and all cancellations and no-shows will heavily affect your end of semester evaluations at the end of the semester. If you need to call in sick for any of your shifts, please follow our usual SCP policy.

A reminder that the Exam Incentive scale is the following:

  • 4 shifts: +0.25 hours pay per shift
  • 5 shifts: +0.5 hours pay per shift
  • 6+ shifts: +0.75 hours pay per shift

If you would like to pick up a shift, we have room on all of our shifts! Please call us/send us an email if you would like to come in!

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Logan is one of our top, long-running returning Callers at the SCP, and he is still killing it! He was nominated these past two weeks for sounding confident over the phone with alumni, and being so helpful and nice on shift! He sounds super professional on calls and he handles pledge rejection extremely well. He overall does a good job at everything he is responsible for; one caller even commented that he is "probably one of the best overall callers at the SCP!"

Thank you so much Logan for your hard work and commitment to the SCP. You deserve every bit of recognition we can give you!

Honourable Mentions


  • He is extremely friendly, helpful, and positive, especially for being new at the SCP!
  • Dealt with a tough objection about whether we were actually calling from the UCalgary!


  • Friendly, cheerful, and great at calls!


  • Has been getting lots of pledges


  • She is really weird like me, and is really accepting of everyone. She is perky and funny, but also professional. She makes her calls very interesting and engaging, and therefore she has great stats!


  • Sounds super nice on the phone and is a great help whenever anyone has any questions!


  • Super friendly! She is improving a lot at a rapid pace, especially since she is still new!


  • Very nice, friendly, and helpful!


  • Amazing engagement!


  • He is very supportive of everyone and gives great advice!


  • For being super awesome at everything!


  • She has grown so much as a caller! SO PROUD!
  • Katie is always so bright and positive. I enjoy working alongside her very much!
  • Fun to work with and engaging on the phone!

Thank you to everyone for filling out these forms, especially without prompting this week! These nomination forms are really important for peer recognition, and allowing us to see who you think is excelling. Kudos to everyone!

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Caller Dollars

A reminder that all Caller Dollars will be expiring by Tuesday, December 8th. Please make sure you redeem your Dollars before this date! Remember, you can pool together your Dollars to get one of our bigger prizes!

December Team Race

We have a new December incentive! We have split the SCP into two teams and have assigned each of you to a tea. Each team will have a target of $20K.

  1. First team to reach $20K with each member contributing at least one credit card gift will report extra half hour each.
  2. If the SCP as a whole reaches/surpasses the $40K stretch goal by December 21 with each Caller contributing at least one CC gift, all callers will report one extra hour each

We will be keeping track of all of your progress for the rest of the semester! May the odds be ever in your favour!

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Highlights from the Werklund School of Education (Wednesday, Dec. 2)

1. How has the $25 million Werklund donation impacted the faculty?

The donation by Werklund has gone to fund many different areas within education. These include:

  • Renovation for the education building (3 floors)
  • Supports research and scholarship endowed funds for academics and students.
  • Provided funding for additional research projects to better understand the role of teachers in the current age of instruction
  • Funds teaching awards to reward excellent professors and TAs at the University of Calgary
  • High emphasis on graduate research and undergraduate scholarships to encourage development in the faculty of education (specifically increasing research output and funding).

2. What are the future goals for the Werklund School of Education?

  • Facilitating knowledge within the classroom with technology
  • To better understand how teaching is changing throughout the years and elucidate a better approach for the next generation of teachers.

3. Are there specific alumni events/benefits for Werklund alumni?

  • Werklund is hosting an alumni event this January! We will keep you posted on its progress. As an alumnus, you can come to campus for advanced training any time after your degree.

4. What are some new developments in Werklund School of Education?

  • The community-based bachelors of education was just recently implemented, and is a blended model of online classes and campus training. This is ideal for individuals in regional/remote areas to reduce teacher turn-over and encourages community members’ involvement in education. It was just started in July and is an excellent point of conversation for alumni as every donation helps to remove the barriers to education in more remote areas.

5. What opportunities are there for teaching abroad?

  • We currently have opportunities in Australia, Mexico, and Japan among others. However, we also encourage working within the region. Overall, with all the opportunities abroad and within the city, 85% of BEd students have a contract before they graduate.

Highlights from the Haskayne School of Business (Thursday, Dec. 3)

1. Dean Jim Dewald

  • Appointed in 2013.
  • He is an exceptional leader who provides an effective bridge between the business side of the University and academics.

2. General Points about the Haskayne School of Business

  • The vision of the Haskayne School of Business is to be an internationally recognized centre of excellence for business education, research, and community outreach, with a special emphasis on the distinct elements that define Calgary and Alberta: energy, entrepreneurship, and ethical leadership (which are Haskayne's three pillars)
  • Hasyne students make up 10.8% of the UCalgary student body (3,260 students)
  • Haskayne MBA was ranked among the top 10 MBA programs in Canada by Canadian Business Magazine in 2014

3. Three major centres were established to advance the Haskayne vision

Canadian Centre of Advanced Leadership in Business

  • Focuses on transforming the student experience, leadership, and engaging them with the community - the centre primarily does research around this area

Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Focus on creating entrepreneurial thinking skills for students

Westman Centre for Real Estate Studies

  • Launched via philanthropy; Haskayne raised $1.2M from seed funds from businesses
  • Calgary builder and developer Jay Westman donated $5M to allow the official launch of the centre

4. Dr. Bob Schultz

  • Has been with the University of Calgary since 1973 (known as "Dr. Bob")
  • Coaches the ICBC Case Competition (Inter-Collegiate Case Competition); 8 competitive events where students across Canada compete
  • Two Funds: Dr. Bob Schultz Business Competition Succession Fund (will fund the succession training of the "new Dr. Bob" once he retires), and the Dr. Bob Schultz Business Competition Endowment Fund (helps students with expenses, like travel expenses, when participating in case competitions)

5. Student Achievements

  • Haskayne's ICBC students have won a total of 80 gold metals over the past 35 years, more than twice as many as any other university
  • Haskayne MBA students are top contenders in many other competitions, including the John Molson International Case Competition

6. Giving Priorities

  • Research expansion in energy, entrepreneurship, and ethical leadership
  • Financial support for case competitions
  • Space upgrades, awards, other student support
  • Scholarships, focusing on financial support
  • Trading and Finance lab; enhances learning and hands on experiences

7. Events

  • Ask the alumni if they would like to be added to the Haskayne event list! There are a lot of events coming up, especially on our downtown campus.

8. More Info About Media Coverage (Enbridge)

  • An independence review process will be conducted on December 14
  • If alumni would like more information about this process, they should contact Alumni Relations

For more information about the school, contact:

Jason Lyver, Development Advisor


T: 403-220-7334 / 403-390-1388

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A reminder that our Holiday Party and Gift Exchange will be next week on Wednesday, December 9th at 4:30 pm. Please come with your gender-neutral $15 gift, and your ugliest Christmas sweater! If you would like to part at MacMahon stadium prior to coming to the SCP, please contact Shahla at shabibca@ucalgary.ca for parking compensation.

See you all there!

Looking to pick up a shift?

If you wish to sign up for an additional shift, then please do! Email scp@ucalgary.ca to let us know to expect you. Please be aware that Cancellations, Late Arrivals and No Shows are weighted heavily on your End of Term Evaluations.

If you need to call in SICK:

Monday to Thursday:

Call (403) 220-5151 and email scp@ucalgary.ca before 12:00pm

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