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The Secret To Weight Loss - What Bacteria?

The study based on previous research with mice, found a relationship between a specific type of bacteria, B29, and obesity.
However, the publication states the following: "The controlled nature of this study does not allow the conclusion that all effects described are due to the manipulation of gut flora".
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If a person is fed a diet low in calories alone, he says, your ability to lose weight might be affected if your bowels still contain high levels of the type of bacteria that turns off the gene that produces fat burning.
Behavior Change
But there are still uncertainties about the effects.
Obese Woman
The first recommendation for weight loss is still a balanced diet and exercise.
When you look at the complex world of microorganisms that live within us and how these bacteria interact with our bodies, there are concerns about the adoption of rules on what works and what does not.
However, it noted that the study does not show whether the change of the bacteria is what causes weight loss or only some relation.
For him there is "no doubt" that the change of bacteria in the body can have significant effects. Dysentery (producing diarrhea), for example, introduces gut bacteria that cause weight loss.
The advice: eat less
The interesting thing is whether microbes can change the behavior of people, which is what causes obesity iss a really fascinating area.
His advice is simple: "Eat less and exercise more if you follow these instructions, always going to lose weight.".
Although interesting associations described in the study, problems remain in these studies have a significant importance for the general public. She advises people to eat a "healthy balanced diet" and stay active for a healthy weight.