Grinch Day 2K14

AIS December AR Celebration

Thursday, December 18, 2014 in the morning

It's a December Accelerated Reader Celebration for all AIS students who:

* Earn an average of 1 AR point per day during the month of December

*Points earned before Dec.1, 2014 do not count toward GRINCH DAY 2K14

* Students can earn multiple points from one book. (Example: A chapter book worth 4 points counts for multiple days of reading because it will take more than one day to read a 4 pt. chapter book.)

* Students who get behind on their points are allowed to catch up.

* Students must have a minimum of 15 AR points that were earned between Dec. 1- Dec. 18, 2014 by 8:15 a.m.

* GRINCH DAY 2K14 points will apply toward EPIC for 2nd grading period.

* No project required for GRINCH DAY 2K14.