How to Survive a Minotaur




Not a lot of people would need to escape from a Minotaur but if anyone or you do you know where to go. The Minotaur story was to explain not to be selfish. The Minotaur is a strong and fast monster. But it does have a lot of weaknesses. Strength and speed and it's only good qualities. Here are 5 steps to handle a Minotaur and some extra advise.

Step Juan

Try to run as fast as you can and see if there is a hiding spot.

Step 2

If you do find one be as quiet as could be they have horrible hearing.

Step tree

If there is nowhere to hide try to fight it but be careful.

Step 4

If you fight it try to go for the tail it is one of his weaknesses and it is the easiest one to get to.

Step 5

If you get the tail or another one of his weaknesses run as fast as you can away for it.

The Weaknesses

Cut off its tail or you can remove his nose ring. The Minotaur also had terrible eye sight.

The Strengths

The Minotaur's greatest strengths and his strength and his speed.

The Story How The Minotaur came to be

The queen of Crete's son once mated with a bull. Poseidon saw and he cursed her for it. He turned her into a half-human and half-bull. The Minotaur caused so much destruction king Minos created a maze called labyrinth. Every year maidens and young men would fight the Minotaur they would go on until he died.