Slaves Are Human Too

By: Abir S. Ananya W. Stacey H. Amulya N.

Beaten to BIts


Slavery is inhumane and disgusting. Everyday slaves are being treated as property. They are raped, beaten, and whipped, most of the time for nothing. These slaves are not allowed to stop even for a second, even in unbearable heat or cold. They work long hours and get breaks for at most 30 minutes. When they do get breaks, they are fed merely dry bits of cornmeal bread, not giving any of them enough energy to trudge on. The only way they even get through the day is simply from the fear of being punished. Slavery is not what our country stands for, and should be abolished for good.


On a regular, daily basis, slaves are punished for close to nothing or even nothing at all. Cruel, evil, taskmasters treat them like toys, not stopping to notice pain or emotion. These devilish owners are not afraid to punish without end, thriving on the anguish of their slaves. Most owners will even go far enough to believe that this is for the good of the slave, and will commit sexual assault, thinking it is part of their culture and is perfectly fine. All of this most certainly is not, and will leave permanent scars on the slaves, both physical and mental. These scars will ruin their lives, innocent lives, and will make them carry pain and anguish for the rest of their lives. These innocent people will never experience the joy of a true, free life, if we don’t free them from the inhumane bondage of slavery.

Living Conditions

Being beaten every day is already enough pain, but receiving little to no shelter, food, and water, slaves are treated like dirt. These slaves are human, not property. Even so, slave owners don’t believe this and work them like they’re equipment, working them from sun up to sun down, leaving no time for rest. These slaves shouldn’t, under any circumstances, have to be treated and worked like this. This is simply disgusting, going against everything that our country stands for. We say that we believe in freedom and liberty, while so many slave owners still keep people in bondage, not allowing them to experience the joy of life. If we don’t change our ways, more and more people will be forced into bondage, not being allowed to experience free will. We must rally against slavery, abolish it, and make our nation a better place for everyone alike.

~Abir S.

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Anti-Slavery Meeting On The Fourth Of July

~Amulya N.

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor,

I recently read your article about slavery and I was very shocked that you did mention some important details about this topic. Most people here in the colony of Virginia are very scared to express their opinion considering that here, we are the slave trade central. One fact that surprised me was that there are black slave owners in Virginia and that they may treat their slaves worse than the white slave owners. One fact that surprised me the most was that the black slave owners are put into the mulatto class and this class separate themselves from the African American slaves and even treat them just the same or worse than the white slave owners. In your article you stated that the reason why the black slave owners treat their slaves so harshly is because the black slave owners that are in the mulatto class were the sons or daughters of white slave owners. So, they grew up in a house full of slaves and recognized how their white parents treated their slaves and picked up their skills. Sadly, they are now treating their slaves the same way their parents did before them. Slave owners, either white or black, are cruel to their slaves. The slaves are whipped, beaten, hung, and branded by any type of slave owners. No matter what, the poor slaves will always be treated like outsiders and will never get any affection from their owners.

The article you wrote was very accurate no matter what the people here in Virginia think. From time to time I find myself deep into the argument of slavery and is it right or wrong. Before reading your article I most likely would have just agreed with what my colleagues were saying and not express my opinion on the matter. However, now that I have read your article, it has come to my attention that slavery is wrong in many ways. In one section of your article, there was a chart showing the horrific growth of the number of slaves here in Virginia. From 3,000 in 1680 it has grown to be over 210,000 now in the late 1700’s. These poor slaves here are treated awfully and inhumanely. Now that I know some gruesome facts about how they are treated, the Abolition Movement sounds like the perfect solution to this problem.

To conclude, before reading your article, I had no facts supporting the side that slavery should be abolished and frankly, I did not care to find any facts. Nonetheless, ever since reading your article I have seen a different side to this argument. Finally I have seen the real problem; the slave owners and the treatment of their slaves. Slaves should be allowed freedom and thanks to your article, I now know this and facts to support it. I now officially support the Abolition Movement.


A Concerned Citizen of Virginia

~Stacey H.

Crying Hard

By: Abir S.

Lately, I’ve been I’ve been praying hard,

hoping that we won’t have to work no more,

lately I’ve been I’ve been crying hard,

thinking about the days that used to be.

I see this life, not even a life,

everyday we work so hard,

not stopping for breaks or food,

only getting scars and scars.

Scars, they hurt so bad,

Roads, I can escape,

from this terrible place,

I just want to run and run.

I I I I I just want to be free, once again.

I I I I I can not take this place, anymore.

Couldn't lie, couldn't lie, couldn't lie,

we should rise up against slavery.

Adapted From- Counting Stars

One Republic

Editorial Cartoon

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~Stacey H.

Slave to Abolitionist

Olaudah Equiano's Story

Olaudah Equiano, a former slave, is the author of a two volume autobiography ‘The Interesting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano’. These books are enormous promoters of abolitionism in England and its colonies. His narrative begins with a letter to the Queen of England and ends with a petition against slavery. In his books he describes his experiences and the horrible way he was treated. He writes about his abduction from Nigeria, his birthplace, and being sold as a slave. Recounting upon the horrors of the ‘middle passage’ and slave life, he has managed to sway people’s opinions about slavery. He describes how it was, having no human rights and no control even when Captain Henry Pascal changed his name to Gustavus Vassa. Olaudah is talking about his horrific experiences, trying to convince people to become abolitionists.


Olaudah Equiano's autobiography is influencing many Americans to realize that slavery is inhumane. It makes people realize that slaves are more than property, they are people with unalienable rights. People reading his books are beginning to see slavery through the eyes of a slave. This is changing many people’s opinions and making them feel that slavery is wrong and should be abolished. As the first black person to write a biography, Olaudah has changed many hearts. In addition to his petitions and autobiography, he has begun to travel around Britain and its colonies giving speeches and campaigns. His goal is to promote the abolishment of the inhumane trade in African people. He is also working to relocate freed African slaves and give them a good quality life using the profit from the sale of his books. Olaudah Equiano is a former slave who freed himself and is now trying to help others trapped in similar circumstances.

~Ananya W.

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Slaves in chains are forced to walk for miles on end.

~Ananya W.

Thomas Jefferson on Slavery

Thomas Jefferson was a member of the continental congress as well as a large plantation owner who owns many slaves. Although he owns many slaves , he is an abolitionist who wants to get rid of slavery. This is an interview with Thomas Jefferson that discusses his view on slavery.

Q: what influenced you to become an abolitionist?

A: I feel that unfree labor moral depravity. I am an abolitionist and fight against slavery because I believe that all men are created equal and because of this, everyone should be treated equally.

Q: For how long have you felt this way about slavery?

A: I have always been against slavery

Q: How many slaves do you own?

A: I own over 600 slaves. I own this many because I have a large 5,000 acre plantation. Most of my slaves work on this plantation

Q: How did you acquire your slaves.

A: I inherited about 175 slaves. Most of my other slaves were acquired through the natural increase of enslaved families.

Q:Do you encourage in the buying and selling slaves?

A: No, I do not encourage in the commercial buying and selling of slaves. I very rarely buy and sell slaves, but, when I do buy my slaves it mostly for uniting spouses or sometimes for labor needs. I sometimes give away slaves as gifts and rarely sell my slaves for financial reasons.

Q: Have you freed any of your slaves?

A: I have freed very few of my slaves. Only two of them have been freed

Q: Why don’t you free more of your slaves.

A: I feel that slavery is like holding a wolf by it’s ear. If I let my slaves go, they may not be safe.

Q: How do treat your slaves?

A: All of my slaves are treated well. All though they need to work hard, they are not forced to work when they are too sick. None of my slaves are beaten or whipped.

Thomas Jefferson is an abolitionist who strongly against slavery. He is trying hard to abolish it. he understands that slavery is not right and that everyone is created equal.

~Amulya N.