Reggerud Space Travel

have you ever wanted to go to the moon, or even just into space?


Thanks to reggerud inc you can now go into space, travel past the sun, onto the moon and float around at zero gravity all for the remarkable price of

$ 1025.5


All tickets are to be purchased online

7am: you arrive you will be greeted and the payment will made

7.30am: board the plane

8am: depart from station and head up into space

10am: arrive at space and have lunch

1pm: land on the moon and have a look around

5pm: get ready for staying the night and have dinner

7pm: sleep for the big day ahead

7am: get up have breakfast and leave the moon to head for the sun

-while on the trip to the sun you are allowed to get out of your seats and float around, you are given a pack of cards to play with and throw around-

5pm: arrive at the sun and put on suits so that you don't get killed from radiation

6pm: turn around and start heading back to earth

8pm: rest so that when you get home you aren't tired

10am: arrive back at the space station

our five star ship includes...

leather seats


catering service

suits so you don't die of radiation

pilots who will offer you anything you could want



We are Reggerud inc!

if you want to talk to us contact us on any of the below contacts.