Boston Tea Party

American Revolution


The Boston tea party occurred on December 16,1773. The colonist anger was towards the Great Britain government for putting taxes on the tea. The British actually wanted to help East India get back on their feet things weren't going so well for them. They were able to ship the tea directly to the colonies instead of it going to Great Britain first. American colonist viewed this as " Taxation without representation". Many colonist wanted non-violence but other wanted blood shed. They landed somewhere in between.

The Protest

At this point the colonists were ready to do something. They already tried to send back the tea but Governor Thomas Hutchins rejected those efforts. The Sons of liberty deiced to dress up as Indians and board the shops. They spent three hours dumping the tea into the water. They were able to dump 342 chest that contained 92,000 pounds of tea. An unknown number of men boarded the ships possibly 100 or more. Citizen then later went out i tiny boats and hit the tea with their oar's to make sure the tea sank. The Boston Tea Party was the first major act of defiance by the colonists.


The British Government acted on 1774 by using harsh measures. That were later named the Intolerable Acts. A lot of companies lost a lot of money that night. Since the Sons of liberty were disguised as Native Americans they could say they were never there nor guilty of dumping the tea.
Boston Tea Party