Instructional Technology Tidbits

a few notes from the ITS

Understanding the Terms

As most of you know, the school division is moving towards a more personalized learning experience for students. So what exactly does that mean? There are three terms that many people use interchangeably, but they are actually very different: differentiated learning, individualized learning and personalized learning.

Differentiated Learning - The learning goals are the same for all students, but the tools may be different.

Individualized Learning - The content received is the same, but students move through it at their own pace.

Personalized Learning - The content, pace, structure and goals vary depending on the student's learning habits.

Check out the EdTech Cheat Sheet for even more terms.

Process Logs

I know you love process logs and the kids do too. Make sure you don't forget to include this valuable tool as you are planning. The division has even laid out some areas in your science units where they would be a great fit. If you want to go digital Seesaw is a fantastic option for this. It is a user friendly, student driven, digital portfolio. Even if you choose not to use it for a process log, I know you will love it for documenting and sharing student learning.

Formative Assessments

There are so many ways out there to formatively assess students. Here are a few tech tools to keep in or add to your repertoire. If you want to learn more about one, or collaborate on a lesson using one, let me know. I would be happy to help.

Achieve 3000

Somethings to keep in mind:
  • Three articles will appear on the homepage
  • These articles share the same topics for all students
  • The articles are leveled based on the students’ individual Lexile levels
  • New articles are pushed out weekly
  • You can also assign articles by searching and assigning them to students
Science Alignment Chart (grades 3-5)
Social Studies Alignment Chart (grades 3-5)
  • All articles have the same number of pages but different number of paragraphs
  • VA standards tells what SOLs align with the article
  • While reading the article, the refresh arrows prompt students to use Close reading strategies to take notes while reading
  • Students should aim to complete at least the first three of the five steps in red at the top to complete an article
  • Students should complete 1-2 articles per week
  • The sections in yellow are for the “Stretch” article, which is above the students’ reading level and is meant to extend the students (should be used periodically)

October is Connected Educator Month

The Connected Educator Month initiative is about networking educators worldwide, through connected professional learning experiences. Visit to learn more about the initiative and see some of the learning opportunities.