Radical India Independence movement

Let's get our civil disobedience on!

Radical India Independence movement

Sunday, March 14th 1926 at 9pm

New Dehli, Delhi, India

New Delhi, DL

When arriving make sure you come in secretly cause the British might whip you. Wait ... Never mind make as much noise as you want. Freak the British police.Coming straight outta India


You have been invited to the party of your life. This party will shake off all your worry and the British of our country. We will use civil disobedience.


We are raising money to help stop the British evil regime. We are sick and tired that we are treated like second class citizen in our own country.


Turn up Time: 5:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m.

What to bring?

When you R.S.V.P. make sure you put what you would like to bring. We will take any food from Dosa to Panipuri to Mango Lassi.


If you want to attend this party please contact Mohandas Gandhi. You can reach him through mail. His address is listed below.

Need Help

If you trouble finding the place or anything else please do talk to the head of the party, Mohandas Gandhi. You can holler at my boy through the mail.