A Peek at the Week

February 18, 2019

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PLC's and the Growth Mindset

As we are working together in teams with our first promise standard, good things are occuring from this process. We are learning together and looking deeper at our promise standards.

We are also seeing that intentional teaching based on information from the first CFA does yield progress. Share what you are seeing with each other. It is exciting and inspiring to hear success from others in our building.

A growth mindset is the belief that intelligence can be developed. Those who have a growth mindset understand that they can get smarter through hard work, the use of effective strategies, and help from others when needed. If as a school we have a growth mindset, we are going to accomplish so much! I am excited about what it is to come through this process.

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49 Days until SCReady: Idea for Building Stamina

Progress Reports Go Home Thursday

On the calendar, progress reports go home tomorrow. We are going to push that until Thursday of this week. Please make sure you are reaching out to families of those students who are struggling academically. Although at times it may feel like you may not have the support of your families, they are your first allies in helping to make their children successful academically. Make sure your grades are up to date by the end of the day Wednesday.

Word of the Week: Chuckle

Open House

Open House is February 25th. I would like for each classroom to be open and for each teacher to talk with their parents. Please do not plan to bring all of a grade level into one room for a presentation for this open house. Since we do not have many times where we can connect with families, and since this is an important time of the year to make sure families understand that we need their help to move their children, I want us to make this as personal as possible. Let me know if you have questions.

Teachers in grades 3-5: Make sure you have signed up in PDExpress for the TDA training this week at Spearman.

Upcoming Dates:

February 18th: Comp day :-)

February 19th: Reading PD for 1st AM and 2nd PM

February 20th: Writing Committee meeting at 3:15

February 21st: Spring Pics, TDA workshop at Spearman for teachers in grades 3-5 at 3:15, 3rd grade reading PD AM

February 22nd: Spring pics

February 25th: Dr. Seuss Week: Pajama Day

February 26th: 4th grade NAEP testing, Funky Sock Day

February 27th: What do you want to be when you grow up?

February 28th: Open House, Green Day

March 1st: Hat Day, House Meetings PM

The tougher it gets, the harder we teach. Teach with a sense of urgency every day! The days we have with these students are going fast. Keep teaching hard. :-)