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Captive Insurance Consulting Helps Top Companies Lower Their Bottom Line Costs by Transforming Insurance into Investment

Ever-increasing premiums are consistently an issue for companies who feel they aren’t getting the deal they deserve. Through our services, companies who are leaders in their field can lower their insurance rates by becoming insurance company owners. By becoming an owner and not just an insurance policy buyer—owners can learn planning, organizational, and administrative techniques that help them take more control of their insurance premiums.

An insurance company that provides insurance to and is controlled by its owners. There are multiple advantages to companies owning their own insurance program including:

Captives are able to employ greater risk management techniques to lower their own premiums and increase the return on investment.

Natural disasters or economic downturns, which can cause traditional insurance premiums to fluctuate and increase — captive insurance rates remained insulated as they are based on the member’s performance.

Companies are able to recover anywhere from 30-60% of their premiums as dividends.
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