A book to read!

Here is one of the best books i've read!

The book to read is called "One for the Murphys"

What kind of books do you like? Do you like a good book with some connection to real life, with real problems and conflict? Well than here is the perfect book for you! "One For The Murphy's" is a great book for readers that are in middle school because its about a girl named Carley Connors, and she is in 8th grade. The book starts off by Carley telling you about her past, her mother, and her home life as a child. But then once it comes into the present time... things get very twisted when she has to leave her home and move in with a new family as a foster kid. She has many struggles at home with the Murphy family and a hard time making friends at her new school.

More about the book...

In this book there are sometimes where you will ask yourself... "What is she thinking?!" I got so frustrated with some of the characters at times in the book because of their decisions that they are making! But things usually come back to being the way you would like them to be ... but not all the time.

Things to look for

You will not understand at times in the book but you will always get past it and understand

You might ask yourself

You might ask yourself "why" a lot in this book because you are always wondering why the characters act a certain way or why the character is behaving differently or why the characters are suddenly not getting along.