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Please welcome Jennifer Berry to HR. She is replacing Sydney Seigler as our FMLA Specialist. You may reach her at 821- 1105 to help you with all your FMLA and long term leave needs. Please join us in welcoming her to the Lexington One and HR family.

It's Time to Apply for the Aspiring Assistant Principal Pool

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TIMELINE...Leadership Growth and Development Plans- Chiefs, Directors, Coordinators, AP's,etc..

By now, the self-evaluation of your areas of strength and growth (HR 71a) should have occurred. The pre-evaluation conference should have been held to discuss strengths and areas of growth. Consensus should have been reached for a goal or goals, strategies, success criteria, timeline, and assessment, the information is recorded on HR 71b. Overall areas of strength and growth should be recorded on Form 71b. Both parties should have signed HR 71b (Beginning-of-the-Year Conference).

By December 31

If concerns about the performance are evident, the supervisor should hold a conference and complete the Job Target Worksheet (HR 71c) on the performance domain where work is "Unsatisfactory".

If no concerns about the performance of an assistant principal are evident, the supervisor meets for an informal review of goals from HR71b.

**See evaluation matrix for all details

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All volunteers, applicants recommended for employment, etc.. must be 21 years of age. If you have questions please give us a call.