Best Athlete Ever

By Alexia Arthur

Brittney Griner

Brittney Griner never gave up she kept going when she first got in basketball she said "i was so lost "she never gave up and made it to the top
Britteny Griner was always the best player just in one season she scored 2,000 points she was awarded best player of the year and most outstanding player of four.

Living Life

Brittney was born october 18 1990 (age 25) Houston TX she is 6'8 .Brittney was married to Glory Johnson they were happy married May 9, 2015 all the way to June 4, 2015.Brittney parents Raymond Griner and, Sandra Griner ,Brittney have 3 siblings Brittney is the youngest of them

Nothing Like Griner

Brittney when she faild she got back up and kept going she wanted to make it to the top and she did it by just moving on and never gave up and now the best girl basketball player out there