Discovery College



Individuality is a virtue which mean about being different your own way unlike being part of a group of some kind. in Discovery college i think that we should have an individual day where every one can dress in their own way unlike most schools i think dc is actually trying to be individual maybe we can try a bit harder and see what happens
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In a book called star girl which i read shows how being different is a good thing and how you shouldn't be ashamed about being different and how every one is special in their own way as well as if you like someone you shouldn't be scared about asking them back.
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Individuality is really a great thing to do in our school as you can show everyone who you are and who you want to be which is not a bad thing. Most people which are not individual are often the people being frightened to show every one who they really are and thats why they just stick in groups to blend in with everyone.The human brain has been adapted to socialising with people which is where most people like being with people then some overs which would like to be alone.