The GIVE BACK Project

Only for 5th Grade

Do you remember how it felt when you were learning to read? How someone else reading aloud to you really made a story come alive? Now, Fifth Graders, it's time to return the favor! Our job is to digitally share stories with younger readers.

Your task:

Day One:
  • Visit this link to the Screen Actors Guild Foundation Storyline Online site.
  • Select one of the stories and watch the complete video (use your earbuds or borrow some headphones from the library).
  • Think about how the narrator presents the story. Do they read quickly or slowly? Does the speed of their voice change? Are they speaking clearly and with appropriate energy?
  • What parts of the narrator's performance did you enjoy the most?
  • Which parts could you emulate as a reader?
  • Choose a story or poem for your own narration (Mrs. Obrecht can help with ideas).