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Announcements 03.21.22

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Welcome to the Liberty High School Counseling & Social Work Department where we are committed to fostering the academics, personal, and post-secondary

growth of every student!

Senior Signing Ceremony

The Senior Signing Program is in its fourteenth year at Liberty High School and is intended to recognize those students who receive academic scholarships and/or other merit awards to further their education. This is a way for LHS to honor students and their families for their achievements in academic or other disciplines. This could include, but is not limited to, such areas as: performance and visual arts, debate and forensics, ROTC and military academies, leadership, service, or other extracurricular areas as well as academic scholarships from colleges/universities or scholarships awarded by businesses and service organizations. Athletic honors are not recognized at this ceremony, as a separate ceremony is held for these awards. Seniors may choose to participate in the ceremony held on April 26, 2022 in the LMC at 3:30 PM. The individual being honored will select a teacher, sponsor, or other representative to speak on his/her behalf and provide information about the student and his or her award. Seniors can pick up an Intent Form with more information in the Counseling Office. They also received an email on 3/9/22 with information and the Intent Form attached. The deadline to submit the intent form to the counseling office is April 8, 2022.

Summer School!

Summer school information is available and can be found HERE. Students are responsible for enrolling themselves in summer school. Students may reach out to their counselor if they have questions about which courses to take. Students can take up to two classes or one credit through summer school.

MOACAC College Fair

Explore up to 80 colleges and universities at the MOACAC Regional College Fair hosted by William Jewell College. 3/30/22 6:30-8:30 PM at the Mabee Center

New Pathways to Teaching Program at the Career Center

The Area Career Center in Exclelsior Springs is starting a Pathways to Teaching course for next year. If you are a current 10th or 11th grader interested in the education field check out the flyer for more information. Interested students can apply via THIS link!

Meaningful Meals

Youth mental health and well-being is supported through a combination of stability at home, supportive adults, healthy role modeling, and meaningful connections. The Northland Coalition Prevention Network and Parent Up are excited to host The Family Dinner Project for an engaging webinar for parents and caregivers covering these topics! Join us on Tuesday, March 29th at 7:30 pm via Zoom. Register HERE!

Women's Scholarships!

Check out these scholarships in honor of Women's History Month!

College Fairs!

Are you looking for an easy way to explore colleges? Check out the NACAC (National Association for College Admission Counseling) series of virtual fairs! Click HERE for details! Interested in attending an international college? Check out the International College Fair HERE! Would you like to go to an in person fair?

Summer Plans?

What are you planning to do this summer? Need some ideas? Check out our Summer Opportunities page to explore options including Mizzou's Medical Summer Workshops!

Possible Dual Credit Scholarship for Juniors and Seniors

The Missouri Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development is pleased to announce the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Scholarship application for the current Spring 2022 semester is now open. High school juniors and seniors may be eligible for a scholarship for tuition for dual credit courses. For more information click HERE. Priority deadline is Feb 1st

Fun Holiday - Common Courtesy Day!

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The day is a reminder that our treatment of others speaks volumes about our character.

Did You Know... that the term curtsey, meaning to bow down in front of someone as an act of respect, originated in the late 1600s in England?

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Upcoming Visits!

Sign Up for College Visits in the Counseling & Social Work Department.

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Pittsburg State University

Monday, March 21st, 10am

Counseling Office

US Air Force National Guard

Monday, March 21st, 11:30am

In Front of PAC

Emporia State University

Monday, March 21st, 1pm

Counseling Office

Midwest Pool Management

Tuesday, March 22nd, 11:30am

In Front of PAC

Donnelly College

Tuesday, March 22nd, 1pm

Counseling Office

Northwest Missouri State University

Thursday, March 24th, 10am

Counseling Office

University of Iowa

Thursday, March 24th, 10:30am

Counseling Office

US Marines

Thursday, March 24th, 11:30am

In Front of PAC