Dos and Don'ts

By: Apinant Nueng Buranasiri


Hello my name is Apinant Nueng Buranasiri. Today I am here to guide you on how to spend your money wisely. This may sound simple but the way you spend your money determines who you really are. Following this guideline will definitely assist you later in life for the long term. What you should spend and not spend also depends on your financial status.

Dos (What to Buy)

What you should buy are basically five basic amenities:

  • Basic foods (vegetables, meat, milk, eggs, carbohydrates.) Depending on your financial status, your basic food types should be what is suitable for your health such as meat, vegetables, and carbohydrates. However my personal recommendation, whether you are wealthy or not you should eating to live is better than living to eat such as buying foods at a reasonable price (subway sandwich) and not buying the extremely luxury foods or junk food (example: caviar and cheeseburger).
  • Shelter. Buying a home is probably one of the most crucial elements of survival because whether your house is big or not owning a house is better than having no where to live. If you are a rich person buying a luxurious mansion wouldn't be a big deal, if you are an average person living in a normal house is still better than being a beggar in the streets.
  • Clothing is also an important factor. It is a basic amenity everyone literally has to have. Whether your clothes are from a normal retailer store or an Armani t-shirt, they are still clothes! You cannot basically walk naked in the streets.
  • The most important factor that you need to survive along with food is medicine. You need to buy the best medicine you can with your money. This is probably the only thing I recommend spending a lot of money on because if you are infected with a disease that needs expensive money to cure you or else it concerns your mortality, I recommend you this time to spend money since it is necessary and worth it because it risks your life.
  • You may survive without this factor, but education is very important for your future. Education corresponds to both school and college because the higher you get in your education the more likely the chance you will get a good job. It just gives you a wider chance of getting a good career.

Tips on buying normal stuff:

When you go to a shop to buy things you want, you should look at the the quantity and quality of the product if it suits you. Try to bargain at a sales place if possible and usually try to get the "buy one get one free" ones.


What you should not buy:

  • Luxury brands: Do not buy luxury brands excessively. This is because its contribution to your well being is no different normal brands. Like for example if you eat a normal ham sandwich and an expensive smoke salmon bagel, both will be eventually converted to waste in your digestive system. I do not recommend buying excessively.
  • Narcotics and Alcohol: I do not recommend buying them at all. They only ruin people's lives and career. Alcohol gives you bad liver.
  • Gambling: Lastly if you are not an expert, do not gamble. It only leads you to more debt.

Tips: Don't buy stuff just because of the trend. At the same time don't buy stuff just because it is cheap but low quality. Think and read the product before you do anything.