Mission Inn Questions

Melanny Alvizures , Period 3 , Mrs Sandoval

Raincross Bell:

  • What is the meaning behind the Raincross symbol?

Double cross is ancient Native American symbol for dragonfly.

Booker T. Washington:

  • Who was Booker T Washington? & How were his views different than WEB DuBois?
Booker T Washington activist who supported gradual equality, while WEB DuBois wanted immediate equality.

Nanking Bell:

  • What triggered the Boxer Rebellion & what was America's response to it?
The Boxer Rebellion started because Chinese wanted to get rid of foreigners and because of that US and other countries sent troops to China and killed thousands of people.

1700 spanish cannons:

  • How did the US acquire the Panama Canal Zone and how did the canal benefit the US?
They helped Panama in their revolution. The canal connected Atlantic and Pacific and served as an important trading route and shortcut.

Taft Chair:

  • What was the Progressive Era a response to? & What reforms did it bring about?
It was response to the corruption in the Gilded Age and it brought Social Reform, Political Reform and Economic Reform.

Chinese Pavillion:

  • What immigrant processing center did these Chinese immigrants most likely come through? Why was the Chinese Exclusion Act implemented?
The processing center that these Chinese immigrants went through was Angel Island. Chinese Exclusion Act came out because US natives were worrying that Chinese might took all the jobs.

Intertnational Rotunda:

  • Why did the US finally enter World War One?
Submarine Warfare, Zimmerman Telegram and Lusitania.


  • What were 5 new consumer products that were created in the 1920s?
  1. Fountain Pens
  2. Coca-Cola
  3. Planter's Peanuts
  4. Cigarette Lighters
  5. Cracker Jack


  • Why did the Dada movement emerge? How id this art piece from the museum reminiscent of Dada?
Dada emerged in the middle of a barbaric war. Hard on the heels of the 20th century's first revolutionary art movement-Picasso and Braque's Cubism.


  • What is surrealism?
Is a cultural movement that began in the early 1920s , and is best known for its visual artworks and writings.

Fox Theatre:

  • How are movie experiences today different from that in the 1920s?
  1. It is harder to understand the story plot because it's all silent.
  2. The movie ran with projector.
  3. Everything is silent except the talking between audience and the background music.