Thursday Tech Talk

Updates from Instructional Technology in Aldine 3/28/2019

Need Staff Development Hours?

Did you know that you can login to Professional Growth - Activity Catalogs - District Catalog and there are 22 videos waiting to be viewed? Simply find a video, watch the video, and receive a certificate for each video viewed! Staff Development hours vary for each video. You can get PD hours from school or from home!

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Digital Citizenship Word of the Week

Spyware - software that goes on your computer without your knowledge and steals private information.

Credits: Image in the background of newsletter by lorimalhiot from Pixabay

Damaged Chromebooks/iPads

Please don’t hold on to damaged devices to be sent out at the end of the year, you might not get them back. Tech services urges you to send in the work orders as they occur and to make sure you include the Serial Number and Asset Tag with the work order.

Twitter for Educators

Educators on Twitter have the opportunity to really grow their careers through the connections they make on Twitter. Not to mention the support you get from your Professional Learning Network and the resources made available to you! But as awesome as it is, it’s not easy to just jump in and know what you’re doing. Thankfully the good people of Ditch that Textbook have created an awesome guide for using twitter for building your PLN, finding resources, maneuvering twitter chats, and growing (or getting back) your fire and passion for education.

Aldine Film and Photography Festival

The deadline for all submissions is April 5th, but why wait until the last minute? All film submissions will be turned in online here. Photographs for the photo contest are due April 5th as well. Don’t forget! There is a category for Aldine Employee Photography, sign up here.

The Film and Photography Festival will be held Friday, May 3 at the M.O. Campbell Center.


On May 3-4, Aldine ISD STEM, in partnership with Apple, Microsoft, CDW, HP,, Rice University Mathematics Program, University of Houston will take over the Aldine ISD Staff Development & Resource Center for the first-ever STEM Festival. Elementary Coding/STEM Clubs and Middle school computer science students from around the district will convene under one roof to showcase their web, app, or computing device successes they have created during the school year.

Students, Teachers, District Leaders, influences, and the tech community will have the opportunity to learn from and alongside students as they explore a myriad of Computer Science projects showcasing apps, the web, and computing devices. They will have an opportunity to investigate the real-world applications of computer science and how CS bridges the gap between classroom and careers, beginning in middle school.

To sign up for STEM Fest or to learn more about it, click HERE

Google Science Journal

Google Science Journal is a great program that allows students to take data from a device. They can make text observations, take photos, and use the device to take data on light intensity, sound intensity, pitch, linear acceleration, X,Y, or Z axis acceleration, barometer, compass degrees, and magnetism.