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February 2, 2021

Return To School Guidelines

As we return to in-person learning it is important to maintain the highest health and safety standards for students, staff, and parents. We have and will continue to follow the safety principles and protocols advice from the CDC.

Parents and guardians who choose to have their students attend Hybrid learning will be required to do the following:

  • Monitor your child(ren) DAILY for COVID symptoms.
  • Completer the COVID -9 Daily Symptom Checker (Attestation) for each child BEFORE coming to school each day.
  • Develop a plan to pick up your child(ren) form school promptly if they are presenting with a COVID-like symptoms while at school.
  • Adhere to masking and distancing protocols.

it is important that parents provide the school with current contact information that includes phone and address.

An email will be sent to the parent/guardian's primary email address each morning the student attends in- person school. The email will contain a link the the Daily Symptom Checker. It must be completed before a student will be allowed to attend class. Instructions for the Daily Symptom Checker may be translated in many languages.

In the event that a student does not have a completed Symptom Checker they will not be allowed to enter the classroom. A staff member will escort them to a room in the school and notify parents. A paper attestation will be filled out and the child will be escorted back to the classroom.

Attestation Information

Washington State Schools Daily Symptom Checker - Please fill out by 8:30 AM on the days your child is scheduled to attend school.

Fife School District will use Daily Symptom Checker for all students that must be completed prior to entering the classroom. The Daily Symptom Checker is designed for parents to self-assess their student’s health on a daily basis.

Daily Symptom Checker Details

  • The COVID-19 Self-Assessment is delivered daily via email. A new survey link will be sent each day and cannot be reused.

  • The survey link is sent to parent’s primary email.

  • On the first reply, parents can enter their phone number into the survey to receive SMS text messages in the future. Parents will continue to receive daily emails.

Parents will be asked, Do you plan to come to school in person today?

  • If yes, you will be asked to complete the COVID-19 questionnaire.
  • Those who are symptom-free will receive a time-stamped certification to participate in school and related activities.

  • If the symptoms indicate a potential COVID-19 infection, the survey will display further instructions for self-care.

o If you respond no, you will be asked why you are not attending.

  • If you are staying home because you are ill, it will take you through the COVID questionnaire. If symptoms are non-COVID related, you will be cleared for the next school day.

Please contact the office when you are not attending due to illness, vacation, or scheduled appointments.

  • Nurses are notified when students are not eligible to come to school for the day.

  • Results will be emailed to you as well as displayed at the end of the Symptom Checker Survey.

Remember that the symptoms that are monitored through this assessment are related to COVID-19 without a known cause or condition such as allergies. Your COVID-19 supervisor can help you if you have any questions.

Fife Schools COVID Protocols - Daily Symptom Checker

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