To my gym teacher: Mrs. Arrowwood... By: Kaitlyn Black


So every year we do this thing called jump rope for heart. We help raise money for kids who are struggling with cancer, or heart problems. Last year we raised almost 8,000 dollars, this year are goal is to get above 8,000 dollars! We have prizes every year that if you raise that amount of money you get that prize. This year we have super dogs. We do stations on the day of jump rope for heart, one station is jump roping. We also have hula hooping , and we also have group jump roping with the big jump rope. And we also do skip its... Last year we played music and we ran laps and everything that has to do with your heart. This year I'm really looking forward to it!! So today February 4th we had the Jump rope for heart and we raised our goal of 8,000 dollars! we actually have passed our goal so that's even more amazing!There was basketball... group jump roping, it was just a blast the only bad part about this was we were not going to have enough time to do every station and knowing that, I hoped that my group could go bounce on this red ball but guess what! Our group didn't and that was the only thing that made me dissapointed because I wanted to do that so bad but guess what I still was able to have fun with friends and people I didn't know. I really enjoyed jump rope for heart this year if you are a school who doesn't do jump rope for heart I really think you should.
"you will enjoy it as much as the kids will."

Work outs.

There is a lot of work outs we do during gym period. One of the work outs I enjoy the most is probably running and jogging. The reason I like this is because running helps you get energy into your body. I really enjoy running, I've played soccer for 6 whole years and I've had so much running days that I just really enjoy running! I also enjoy is jump roping I don't really know if jump roping is a workout but i thought that since we do it a lot during Jump rope for heart and stuff that it would be a workout. I really like jump roping... I don't really know why I really like jump roping so much but I guess I do! I got 3 minutes and 58 seconds straight on jump roping this year (2016) I GOT KONG! I was really happy about it... Paul Anderson is listed in the Guinesses book of work record for weighting 6,270 pounds! I was really suprised when I found out that this guy is actually almost in his 50s and hes still weighting weights to this day as you read this artical.

Candance Hill

So there's the fastest girl and the fastest boy in the world, but did you know that theres a fastest person in the planet and that Candance Hill... she ran a whole 100 mm on her track team and made it to the finals! She ran it in 10.56 seconds!!!! Candance Hill is a 16 year old girl and goes to Champagne high school located in Mexico. Her birthday is on February 11th 1999. People want to be like Candance Hill because shes fast and very flexible. I mean I bet she could be able to do Gymnastics. A reason I want to be her because shes very sweet, kind, and very generious. Ive seen videos of her running skills and I'm a very running kinda girl and i would love to be the fastest girl in the world! "Wouldn't you?"

Can you run all day without getting hurt?

People wonder all the time if you can run all day without getting hurt. I researched that you can't. Everyday people either die or get heart aches for running to long. Running is good for you but also you can not run all day because your heart can't take all that muscle going on because your heart will either stop, or just rest and that's not good the maximum miles you can run is five. But kids can only run an maximum of three and a half miles! There's a ton of people that can use all that muscle in your heart, but there's more people who can't have all that muscle going to there heart because its just way to much work for the heart!

How is gym in our school different then the grown up's gym?

So we have a lot of rules in our gym some are no food or drinks aloud in the gym and others like no pushing (I don't blame that rule) and stuff like that, but when my mom and my dad go to the gym every Tuesday and Thursday they are aloud to have food and drinks and are aloud to really do whatever they want. Another thing we don't have in or gym in our school is Weights such as, stationary bicycles, and treadmills. There's a lot more work out things and stuff at my parents gym then a our school but do you really want to be sitting here for days? I sure don't! The work outs that we have at our school are a lot different then the work outs are my parents gym.

Things people like about gym.

Most things people like about gym are fun games that we play. A game I really like (don't know if every body likes it) is dodge ball. I used to not like dodge ball because i used to get hit in the face all the time but now I really like it! Our gym teacher (Mrs. Arrow wood) made dodge ball really fun. Another game I know most people like is Ghost busters! We played Ghost busters when it was pretty close to halloween. The game goes like this, our gym teacher puts up all kinds of fake ghosts around the gym and she shuts the lights off and there are 4 taggers and the rest are ghosts and the taggers try to get those people and if they tag them there out until somebody tags you and then when the round is over our gym teacher picks new taggers. Those are some things I personally like about gym and I know some other kids lie about gym as well.

Fun Run!

So again every year we do all kinds of fundraisers. I really like all of the fundraisers because all we do is run, and have fun running. (p.s that's why its called fun run.)

Usually in the middle of the Spring we have teams (which is your classroom) and tents. The tents have all your water and belongings in it. We get this t-shirt that on the front says fun run and then on the back of it has all kids of stars and every time we run a lap we get a star colored in. Either parents or just some kind of helper come in and helps you out by coloring in a color for your shirt. Our music teacher come outside along with our principal and vise principal and turns on music. When the fun run is all over we usually have a girl in each class and a boy in each class who ran the most and outs how much laps they ran and there name and everything and they put it in a drawling that we pick at the end of the day. We pass out awards for who you wall dancing to all the music and just little things like that. FUN RUN IS REALLY FUN!!!!

Can you be a gym teacher without knowing anything about gym?

Well the answer is maybe... The no part about this is because there are going to be about 100 or more kids come into your gym a day. And trust me there going to want to play some real gym games and you go to know about gym to be able to teach them the games and to be able to show them how to play.

The positive thing about not knowing about gym but still wanting to be a gym teacher is that you can LEARN!! I mean learning isn't bad if being a gym teacher is your dream job then work hard for it! Like my dad always says "dream it and be it. "You can't just work so hard to be that person and then when your on the last thread and then fall! You have to keep climbing up until you reach the top. You can't climb so high and then your like "wait never mind i wanna each the bottom not the top" NOOO!!! You can't do that! Just remember,

"Dream It And Be It!"

Pushing yourself

A lot of people don't really wanna work hard for things but you know what working hard even though you really don't wanna do it, brings you to beautiful life. An example is Pushing yourself to bigger weights "there ya go" there are so many reasons how you will get supported by doing this (Example 1) Your family are very proud of you (Example 2) you also have pushed yourself so you should be proud of yourself too! Last example (example 3) every time you go back to the gym you can keep trying over and over again until you have reached your goal of fully doing that weight then you move higher!! You should always push yourself to go higher.