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Spirit 365 is having a Origami Owl fundraiser! There are going to be many ways to order, first I Tanya Merica will be set up on a Sunday at the gym! Second you Facebook lovers will have the opportunity to order through the Facebook party! Lastly if you are interested in taking a book on the Sunday I'm set up you can get orders that way too! The gym is benefiting from this so we need everyone to participate! If your order is $100 your name will be put in a hat to be picked at random for your order to be half off! Please take advantage of this and let's raise a lot for our gym family:)

Sunday March 17, 2013 at Spirit 365 Gym

Tanya Merica will be set up from 12:30pm till close to let you see the lockets and how they work! Feel free to drop by and see her place an order and ask any questions you may have! The Online party will start March 1st and Tanya will leave books at gym starting March 1st if you want to get orders that way also! In doing that please bring what you have on Sunday she is at gym!

Some Locket Ideas For You

Online Book www.motherof2.origamiowl.com

How do I order: you can place order personally with Tanya Merica or go online to www.motherof2.origamiowl.com shop, pay, and send it straight to your door:)