Healthy People 2020

Wellness Guidelines

Nutrition Education

  • Provide nutrition information appropriate for each grade level that is guided by the Major Instructional Goals (MIGS)
  • Provide instructional activities that stress the appealing aspects of healthy eating, behavior based, culturally relevant, developmentally appropriate and enjoyable.

New School Policies

  1. No snack carts allowed in SPS
  2. No vending machines unless all snacks meet requirements
  3. No food at school parties (Christmas, Valentines Day, etc.)
  4. No treats for birthdays, but students may have at least 10 minutes of extra recess.
  5. Fundraisers selling food- all foods sold must meet nutrition guidelines, no junk food/ sweets allowed.

Improved Lunch Regulations

  1. No concession stands
  2. No soda and junk food sold at extra curricular activities
  3. School lunches must meet all guidelines of USDA nutrition standards.
  4. Total fat < 35% of calories
  5. Saturated fat < 10% of calories
  6. Trans fat - 0 grams
  7. Sugar Limit- < 35% of weight from total sugars in foods
  8. Every lunch must have a meat, vegetable, and fruit
  9. Calorie Limits- All items <200 calories
  10. Sodium Limits- All items <250 mg
  11. All schools may sell plain/flavored water, 100% fruit juice, and skim milk

Physical Activity & Allergy Guidelines

  • All students must have at least 3 PE credits or 60 minutes of PE for elementary a week.
  • Random drug tests will be taken in every sport played. If a student tests positive, he/she will be removed from the team immediately.

  • outdoor air quality- safe and non-polluted, all students can eat outside
  • indoor air quality- safe and tested monthly