What is done with all the PWT data?

Here are a few highlights...

What is the PWT (Plano Walk Through)?

The PWT is a 3-5 minute snapshot of what is happening in a classroom at a given time. The PWT system, based on Marzano's 9 high-yield instructional strategies, collects information across time and the data can be used to prompt reflection and/or discussion by campus, grade level, and/or department.

The PWT is NOT an assessment or judgement on a teacher's skills. It is not a part of PDAS or other appraisal system.

Below is a paper version of what we see on our digital screens...

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PWT data trends from 2012-13 to today...CAUSE FOR CELEBRATION!!

The CORE department heads asked me to pull various pieces of data, and from that we discovered the following positive trends:

  • an increase in small group and individual instruction
  • a decrease in whole group and teacher-led instruction
  • about 20% of our class time is spent in small groups
  • an increase in teacher use of technology and presentation tools
  • a large increase in the application levels of learning (apply, analyze, evaluate, create)
  • a decrease in the lower levels of learning (remember, understand)
  • worksheet use decreased from 15% to 9%
  • a decrease in whole-class, teacher-led note-taking (lecture style)
  • an increase in teacher providing feedback to students
  • an increase in project-based learning

These are absolutely amazing things that we see on a daily basis in all of the classrooms at Rice! We appreciate all that you do to make Rice so wonderful!