The Greek Times

Greek Strategy Defeats the Persians

Karina Toub

September 480 B.C.

The Final Battles have begun at Salamis.

About a month after the battle of Thermopylae the next huge war in the Persian Wars took place in Salamis. During this battle the Greeks used a strategy to trick the Persians and defeat them. In this battle the Greeks bunched together at the island of Salamis. The Persians separated their ships sending some around Salamis to not let the Greeks get through. However, the Persians ships arrived too late to fight the Greeks. As the Greek fleet left the island, the rest of the Persian ships sailed into the passage between the island and the Greek mainland. The Persian's were tricked by the Greeks thinking their ships were retreating. The Persian ships clustered as they prepared to attack. The Greeks were smart and reversed their course and attacked before the Persians were ready. They surrounded the Persian fleet and plunged into them. Approximately 200 Persian ships were sunk, while the Greeks only lost 40 ships.



This newspaper was able to sit down with the Persian Commander who was luckily able to survive the battle and ask him some questions about what the Battle was like. He said the troops were devastated by the loss but thought the Greeks fought hard and tricked them well. They also added " It was a bloody battle but we weren't able to realize that they reversed their course fast enough." The Persian Commander said they were going to try once more to get their revenge and invade Greece. Time will tell as to when that next battle will be and who will win.

Inside this Issue

  • The Battle of Marathon pg. 2
  • Phidippides dies after running for days and nights pg. 3
  • The Battle of Thermopylae pg. 4

Special Points of Issue

  • The battle took place in the Island of Salamis in 480 B.C.
  • The Greeks used a strategy to trick the Persians and defeat them
  • They made the Persians think the Greek ships were going to retreat when they actually just reversed their courses