It's A Hard Knock Life!

~~~Persevere In Life~~~ Hayley Stachniak

Life doesn't always give you what you want. We all face adversities and persevere, but sometimes not as much as some. Amputations, diseases, bullying, and being neglected can hurt us and change us all, but these next few people will show you that for them, it's a hard knock life!

Cancer Could Never Touch His Soul

Cancer doesn't have a cure yet, but Jimmy V. made a speech that could cure it all. Having cancer himself was hard for him and his family. Although some would say cancer is a problem and isn't a very good thing, Jimmy took better then most. He looked at the bright side and knew that if he only had a matter of time left before his life ended, he would make it the best. He showed that nothing can stop you from being you. Your soul, heart, and mind will always be with you no matter what. Jimmy V's solution is to be you. Be you, because you will realize that the ones who don't like you for you, aren't the ones worth keeping.

Chinese Cinderella

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Noah Galloway

Noah Galloway was a respected soldier, missed by loved ones while he was away serving our country. One day the Galloway family received a letter from The U.S Army. Noah had been severely injured in a bombing accident. Noah's mother and father saw him in the hospital in pain, but could still see their little boy in the injured man's eyes when he woke up. Noah woke up confused. He had one leg and one arm. Amputation was done, other wise he would not have lived. Noah appeared on Dancing With The Stars this past season perfectly fine with his two limbs, but was he really like that before? It turns out that Noah didn't take the amputation so well. He started drinking and losing control of his actions and feelings. Luckily he realized that what he had been doing was nothing like the real him. Galloway persevered and is now respected even more then before and is so inspiring to many. Because of Noah Galloway's injury, he and his fans know that anything is possible.
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Bethany Mota

The Bethany Mota we know today is a bright, fun, creative, happy, artistic girl. Bethany wasn't always like that. When the social media star was younger, she was bullied. Bethany was always made fun of her appearance, but she needed to understand that there is more to a person than just looks. Mota started a YouTube channel and gave girls fashion advice to keep her mind off of all of the comments. Fashion is her life, she just started off to help girls with fashion problems, and not to become one of the most famous social media stars. Her fans helped her get through everything. They kept her going, and now, Bethany has millions of fans and followers who love her and have made Bethany Mota the girl she is today.