Preventive Care

By: Tate Cox


Mammograms are used to find breast cancer in women who have no symptoms of the disease. It is for women only. Women should start getting mammograms when they are 40, but get them regularly from the ages of 50 to 74. A cause is if you have breast cancer in your family you are more likely to get it . You can't prevent it it's just genetics.

Pap Smears

Pap smears are to find out if women have any problems with their cervix. These are intended for women. Women should start getting these when they start sexual activity at age 21. After the first one you should get one every 3 years. A cause is sexual activity. You can prevent this by absence of sexual activity.

Testicular Exam

Testicular exams check for testicular cancer. These are for men. You should start at the age of 15 to check and end when you are 35. You should self check every month. In most cases there is not a clear cause of testicular cancer. So therefor there really is no way to prevent it.

Prostate Exam

This is to prevent prostate cancer. This is only for men. You should start getting this from age 40-45 and then every year after that. There is really no causes of prostate cancer, and to prevent it maintain healthy body weight and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables.