Elmo's World "Gliese 581g"

Thomas Guido


  1. 1.3x Larger than Earth
  2. The 6th Planet from the star
  3. Unconfirmed Exo-Planet
  4. Number of g= 10.78
  5. Diameter is 16,564.6km
  6. Same side always faces sun


This planet is 20.22 Light Years away, which is a long flight, but using the brand new SUPA NUVA space cruiser. This travel at 0.1 Light years, at this rate you will be reach it in 203 years hours. Which is very faster than any normal fuel rocket ship.


The surface is "Supposedly" to hold liquid water and possibly some forms of greenery.

Information About Planet

Distance from its Sun is 22 million km

No known moons

No rings

If I were to live on the Planet I would be at age 16, about 158 years old

The common name for this planet is Elmo's World

By the time you get there you will add 203 to your current age

My weight would be 514.5kg

Some problems that you may encounter.

  1. Possible Alien Life
  2. Oxygen
  3. Food and Water

How to solves these problems.

  1. Space Laser
  2. Hydro Oxygen Generator
  3. Farming and Hydro-water Pump