Communism is Freedom for You

By: Kasey Grizzell

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Karl Marx

Karl Marx was the philospher that created the idea of communism. He published "The Communist Manifesto" which explained the struggle between workers and owners. This idea was made popular because most of the population was middle class and had poor working conditions. The workers felt mistreated and wanted equality.

"From each according to his ability, to each according to his need."

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Why Communism is Best

The idea of communism is that there are no classes and everyone is equal. It is not all about making profit like other systems are. Everyone has an equal oppertunity to get the same things because we all share.

Where Communism is Today

The main country known for its communism is China. They have believed in communism ever since 1982. Since then they have modified it and have added civil rights to their constitution.