Nuclear Fusion

Let's learn about the intersting and cool topic!

Hi! I am McKenzie Autry

Today is May 5th 2016, and I have discovered an amazing scientific break through. My lab was to find new ways to produce energy. We got to thinking, and we discovered Nuclear Fusion! What is it you may ask, nuclear fusion is a nuclear reaction in which two or more atomic nuclei come very close and then collide at a very high speed and join to form a new nucleus. The mass of this new nucleus is slightly less than the sum of its constituents, by an amount known as the "binding energy". This Amazing discovery can save our nations time and money.

Saftey concerns and precautions

  • The fuels are abundant, deuterium is found in seawater and tritium can be generated from lithium inside the reactor. Lithium is widely distributed on Earth, it can be found in rocks and Lithium salts are also extracted from the water of mineral springs.
  • The fuels are widely available and well spread-out on the globe, and as such pose little risk of geopolitical conflicts on a limited amount of fuel.
  • There is a low risk of harming natural resources in harvesting these fuels, compared to the search for oil, coal or even windmills and hydropower.
  • Economic Imapct of Nuclear Fusion

  • Fusion power offers the prospect of an almost inexhaustible source of energy for future generations, but it also presents so far insurmountable scientific and engineering challenges.
  • The main hope is centered on tokomak reactors and stellarators which confine a deuterium-tritium plasma magnetically. We need to innovate alternative energy sources now more than ever ... and our choices are limited. There are few viable options that will preserve the levels of prosperity that modern industrial economies have come to expect.
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