Peer Pressure

The Types

6 Types of Peer Pressure

There are 6 types of peer pressure. One of them is verbal peer pressure. When you're verbal peer pressured there is someone verbally pressuring you. There's also non-verbal peer pressure which is when you're being peer pressured when no one mentioned anything to you, but you feel like you need to do or say whatever your peers are. Another one is direct peer pressure, This is when you are told straight up, purposely to do or say something. The complete opposite of that is indirect, which is another type of peer pressure. If you're indirectly peer pressured there is a peer who is purposely doing something or saying something in order to get you to do it to. The last two are positive and negative. They're pretty self explanatory. Positive peer pressure is when a peer pressures you into something positive, and negative peer pressure is when a peer pressures you into doing something negative.

Examples of Peer Pressure

Direct: a girl pressures another girl to join band when she know she can't play so that she'll embarrass herself in front of everyone.

Indirect: everyone is telling about their good grades on purpose so that a girl who didn't do well will try harder.

Verbal: a guy just got a hair-cut and he tell another guy to change his hair-cut to the one he has.

Non-verbal: everyone is talking about the new movie that came out, so a guy who hasn't watched feels the need to watch it too.

Positive: a girl and her friends are volunteering to help with the recycling that needs to be sorted out and their friend was going to go play but now has no one to play with so she helps out too.

Negative: a couple of guys or going out to then back of the school to smoke a quick cigarette and their friend who has never smoked before tagged along with them and they told him that if he didn't smoke as well they wouldn't be friends with him anymore so he tried it out and is now addicted to smoking