Tropic Skin Care!

Sun-kissed skin, fun and facials!

Look and feel radiant this summer season.

Your skincare range should encompass all of the luxuries that nature has to offer, and that's where we come in! Our new collection of natural tanning products will be your summer must-haves, with our gorgeous Summer Skin Natural Melanin Enhancer (£24) to build your ideal sun-kissed look, and our Instant Glow Perfecting Leg Serum (£28) to even skin tone and achieve utterly flawless legs whatever the occasion.

Tropic Skin care

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Love it - host a Pamper Party. Please contact me to arrange. Its a great way to spend a spot of 'me time' with your girlfriends. Sample the products and play a few games and earn yourself hostess rewards as you have fun!

Its not just for girls!

Face Smooth (£15) - can be used by men to exfoliate before shaving & you can even use the residual oil to shave with.

Refreshing Toner (£12) - can be used to cool you down after a session at the gym.

Eye Refresh Roll-on (£15) - for those who spend all day in front of a computer (used by Lord Sugar himself).

Lip Love (£5) - perfect for all the male runners to prevent nipple burn - or maintain their kissable lips in the summer sun!

Body Smooth (£20) - a natural, gentle way to remove paint, grease & dirt etc after manual work or a DIY project.

Exfoliating Cleansing Bar (£5) - ideal for post gardening fingers - 100% natural suds, dual sided to both gently exfoliate and soothe and nourish skin.

Pure. Honest. Effective.

Our products are free from: * Alcohol * ALS (Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate) * Formaldehydes * Gluten * Harsh preservatives * Lanolin * MI (Methylisothazolinine) * Mineral Oils
* Parabens * Petrochemicals * Phthalates * SLS (Sodium Lauryl suplhate)
* Synthetic Fragrances * Triclosan * Unstustainable Palm Olis
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