War On Whales!

Whales might not be here forever, here's why.

Here are a few Environmental issues and concerns about whales:

  1. Whaling, which is "the practice or industry of hunting and killing whales for their oil, meat, or whalebone."
  2. Getting tangled in fish nets, which can kill over 2,000 whales each year.
  3. Pollution, if someone dumps trash into the water it can degrade their habitat, make the water toxic, and develop into bigger things.
  4. Ship Strikes, where whales and ships will collide usually killing the whale instantly.
  5. Climate Change, when the temperature in the water changes it could kill there source of food, such as krill.

Definition Bank:

Natural Resource: A material or form of substance, which starts in nature, and can be used for humans gain, such as: water, minerals, fertile land, etc.

Renewable Resource: A resource that can be replenished faster then it is used, such as: timber, water, oxygen, etc.

Nonrenewable Resource: A resource that is used faster then it can be replenished, sometimes getting used and produced at the same time, such as: (mainly fossil fuels,) gas and oil, nuclear energy which uses uranium, etc.

Inexhaustible Resource: A resource that can NEVER, EVER be used up, such as: tidal power, wind power, etc.

The difference between inexhaustible and renewable is that inexhaustible is not capable of running out, but renewable is but could come back very, very fast.

Whales go under the category of nonrenewable, because they will run out if they keep getting hunted, and won't be able to come back.



Whales won't be here forever is nothing stops, we need to do something about it.

May it be just pick up trash to help with pollution, or just giving more people perspective on this, then it will help.

I learnt about many things, such as reasons to whales downgrading environment, to a diagram on them, the definitions of natural resource, inexhaustible resource, renewable resource, and nonrenewable resource, and more.