Friday Focus-Admin Style


Quote for the Week

"The most important lesson you will teach your students will have nothing to do with your content; it will have to do with life."

Dr. Justin Tarte

Looking Forward-Things You Need to Know

9/2 You've all worked so hard-Go ahead and take a three day weekend!

9/5 Red Ribbon Week Planning Meeting at the District Office for your PTA/PTO Coordinators-Sponsored by San Dieguito Alliance for Drug Free Youth

9/9 Leadership Meeting @ 1:30 (We are going to be talking about the Comprehensive School Safety Plans-This Summer a team worked on the District Plan and created a template for each site. You may want to take a peek at the work that was done over the summer. There is a page on Confluence that gives "An Overview of the Comprehensive School Safety Plan. And there is also a Template for each of your schools-that can also be found on Confluence... Safe School Strategies. We'll walk you through the information and the process on Monday. (<:

One more thing for this meeting: Please Locate your Personal/Confidential Emergency "RED BINDER" - You don't need to bring it Leadership this time-we just want to know who is missing this-(Stephan, you won't have one...I have it!)

EduAwesome Drops in Our Bucket...

  • Thank you to Caroline and her Safety Team (Tobie, Rebecca, Monica, Mary V. , Kelly J. and Chris Weaver) for doing so much upfront work over the summer on the District AND Site Comprehensive Safety Plans!
  • A Drop in the Bucket for Terri Davis for sharing all of her Site Strategic Planning agendas and thoughts on Confluence for all of the principals!
  • How EduAwesome are those AMAZING charts and graphs that Terry Decker created with the STAR and API Data! Not to mention the great Board Presentation that he did on the STAR results!
  • Kudos to Lisa D. for remembering that the Principals didn't have to submit the written Sept. Board Update because they do a BRIEF presentation on the Opening of School at the Sept. Board Meeting!
  • Yahoo for CC, SH, SSF, and Skyline who all had their Back to School Nights this week! "Check it off!"
  • OMG!! It was so exciting to sit in on the planning meetings for the Site Strategic Plan Days! Our Principals ROCK!!! Great ideas & Great Collaboration-I can't wait to see the actual Days! Our teachers, parents and students are so lucky to have each of you as leaders!

Video of the Week

Need a Pep-Talk? Be sure to watch the video all the way until the end-It's Awesome!

A Pep Talk from Kid President to YOU! Pass it on!

Blogs, Tweets and Pins-Our Very Own PLN

  • EduAwesome Tweet of the Week: "Excellent Classroom Poster Featuring 12 iPad Usage Rules"
  • Twitter Another great person to follow is Eric Scheninger @NMHS_Principal
  • "Pin It" The Best 10 Google Docs Tips for Teachers as They Go Back to School

  • Timely Articles/links to send out to teachers:

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The Busy Teachers Quick Common Core Guide

Great Resource for schools/leaders to use when planning a 1:1 iPad roll out-

1:1 Essentials Program

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Great Article for NEW Teachers- (hint: it's not just for new teachers...)

10 Things I Want All NEW Teachers to Know

Final Thoughts to Ponder...

"Leadership is conversations. First gain trust, then lead."