Learner Profile

Elijah Daniel

Getting to Know Elijah

Elijah started our Preschool class on 10/2/2016. He is 5 years old and comes from a English speaking family. Elijah is a bright student who is eager to learn but has trouble with his speech. He can not pronunciate letters such as L, Th, S, W and Y. He has no other known learning disabilities and comes from a middle class family.

Elijah's School Environment

Elijah is in our Preschool class here at Kids Learning Center. He is around his age group of children as well as a couple children who have disabilities. Each child is noticed and welcomed in to the classroom each morning. They work in groups and individually, Elijah seems to favor group time but doesn't talk much, he mostly nods or just agrees with the other kids. We encourage him to slowly sound out his words and we encourage the other children to be patient while Elijah is doing so. The other kids get excited when Elijah says his words and that puts a smile on his face. There is a lot of encouraging and positive reinforcement in our class. We refer to our students as "friends" because it gives the idea to help, look out, and encourage one another because that is what friends do. It also doesn't give out the persona that anyone is left out or feels they don't have friends because in our class we are all friends and we have each other. The classroom is broken down into sections for working, playing and listening. In the working area are our tables for group or individual work (paint, coloring, work pages, journal, ect.). In the playing area is our activities and constructive play. In our listening area we have our books, bean bag chairs and this is where we share books to read together or individually. We also share about weekends and fun things we have done or share drawings we have created. This area is where we talk about our day before school ends. Elijah is an active participant in our classroom areas, we encourage him to talk and he does make attempts.

Teaching Strategies

I use a Constructivist Approach when teaching because each child is unique and they have unique needs. In my classroom I use modeling to show children physically how something is done. When they see it they can imitate the action and run with ideas. In my classroom we also do grouping. Grouping allows children to maximize their learning while helping others to do so as well.
LCH Children's Speech & Language Therapy Pre-School Language Groups

Elijah's Path

The video is about a group of children that need speech therapy. They believe this small group of children helps one another feel confident to engage with other children and teachers when learning. This would be a great first step for Elijah after getting him screened for speech therapy with the school pathologist and RTI. Using the small group for Elijah will help transition him to working individually with a pathologist. RTI would be helpful for Elijah and myself so I know how to best accommodate him in our classroom and implement his needs into my strategies for learning. Children usually make progress in speech therapy and are able to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. Elijah getting the help he needs this early on will benefit him once he gets to Kindergarten and heads int 1st grade.


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