'The Last Natural'

By: Rob Miech

Ratings and Conflict

I give this book all 5 stars because this book is very interesting.

  • The conflict is internal and external .
  • In this book Bryce Harper (MLB Nationals baseball player) experienced many threats because people thought he was a fluke.
  • One phrase was "Go back to Nevada you suck" and he often got booed when he played because he didn't hit his 500ft homer on command.

Bryce Harper

  • He hustles every chance he steps on the field.
  • He recently won the MVP Award for the National League.
  • He is very hard working , and he has been that way since he was a toddler when his dad used to throw sun flower seeds and have him hit them.
  • He also is very generous in his work , and he has sponsored many charity events since he started in the Major Leagues.


Allon Ingram 1st Period