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Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Happy last day of classes!

This week we invite you to reflect on how far you've come this semester and allow that to inspire you through these final weeks of the semester. You have much to be proud of and not long until you can really celebrate all you've accomplished this semester. But first, give yourself the gift of self-compassion and use your stress management and resilience-building skills and strategies to propel you successfully to the end of the semester.

In community,
The Skorton Center for Health Initiatives at Cornell Health
part of Student and Campus Life at Cornell University

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Programming note: This newsletter will be the final edition of the Fall 2021 semester. We'll be back in the Spring 2022 semester.

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With self-compassion, we give ourselves the same kindness and care we’d give to a good friend

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Self-compassion is the most important self-soothing tool we have. If our inner critic takes the lead, it puts a lot of pressure on the mind and that can lead to anxiety and depression. In order to soothe the inner critic, we need to develop self-compassion.

Self-compassion has three main elements:

  1. Mindfulness
  2. Self-kindness
  3. Common humanity.

If you'd like to learn more about self-compassion, consider watching Dr. Kristin Neff's Ted Talk on the difference between self-compassion and self-esteem. Dr. Neff is widely recognized as one of the world's leading experts on self-compassion.

Try this 3-minute Self-Compassion Meditation from the Insight Timer app: Self Compassion | Gerti Schoen, Insight Timer

Or this 10-minute Self-Compassion Meditation from Insight Timer: Mindful Self Compassion | LaToya Cooper, Insight Timer

You'll be glad you did!

Finish Strong

Looking for ideas about how to Finish the Semester Strong? The Learning Strategies Center can help! This is an excellent time of the semester to review LSC info on effective studying and time and stress management—including understanding more about procrastination.

LSC’s timely resources include a homestretch calendar – use it to plan your study schedule for final exams and projects and to identify and manage crunch times. Want to learn how successful students manage finals? Check out the LSC tutors’ tips about what and how they study as they prepare for the end of the semester!

End-of-Semester Tips

Find tips and resources to stay healthy, manage stress, and connect with academic and

emotional support as needed so you can finish your semester strong!

Cornellians are not afraid to roll up their sleeves to work and study hard. But did you know that

taking study breaks can actually help you study smarter? Research shows that taking

purposeful breaks (anywhere from 5 - 60 minutes) from studying to refresh your brain and body

increases your energy, productivity, and ability to focus. Looking for ideas for purposeful,

energizing study breaks? Visit:

Take a Study Break with Free Access to Cornell Fitness Centers

Free Access to All Cornell Fitness Centers (CFC) locations and group fitness classes

December 6 - December 22, 2021

Utilize CFC facilities and take group fitness classes - no membership required. Must have valid Cornell ID and sign a waiver upon check in. Masks are required at all times.

For updated facility hours during study days and finals click HERE. Free access also includes our group fitness classes.

Don’t forget to carry your clean & dry shoes into our facilities!

WSH Big Red Lounge Open House

Big Red Lounge Open House (Willard Straight Hall)
Wednesday December 8 from 1 - 3pm

5th Floor Willard Straight Hall

Have you stopped by the Big Red Lounge on the 5th floor of Willard Straight Hall yet?!
Formerly offices and storage space, this is a new hidden gem on campus!
Ping pong, board games, study space, a hidden bean bag room... come check it out!

There is an Open House on Wednesday 12/8 from 1-3pm with giveaways, snacks, and more!
All attendees will be entered into raffles for Cornell Store prizes.

Especially for Graduate & Professional Students

End of Semester Plant Sale with Hortus Forum

Wednesday, December 8 from 11 am - 3 pm

Big Red Barn

Stop by to get some greenery for you or your friends as we go into our wintery season!

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Planters

Thursday, December 9 from 5:30 pm

Big Red Barn


Make upcycled plastic bottle planters!

Beyond the Professoriate Webinar

Leaving Academia? Here's What You Need to do in the New Year

Thursday, December 9 at 12 pm

Register Now

Leaving academia and unsure how to prepare? All graduate students and PhDs are invited to join L. Maren Wood, PhD (Founder of Beyond the Professoriate) for this interactive webinar so that you can be confident in your decision and knowledgeable about the steps you need to take.

12pm EST, free for all attendees. Replay available.

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Haven's Winter Wonderfest

Thursday December 9 from 1 - 4 pm

Willard Straight Hall 411 and 414 and outside on Ho Plaza
Sponsored by Haven, the LGBTQ+ Student Union.

Winter Wonderfest is this year's Winter Formal, allowing the community a space for to celebrate the good feelings of the holidays and find warmth in Ithaca’s cold, cold weather.

There will be crafts such as DIY mason jar snow globes and luminaries, pegboards, and card making while jamming to the best winter-season playlist ever.

There will be a raffle for three different themed baskets filled with supplies to combat the winter weather and to defeat this year's upcoming finals season.

Outdoors, there will be a hot drinks stand with cider, hot chocolate, and tea and FREE Insomnia Cookies!

Click here for more information

Free Online Nutrition Workshop led by Cornell Health

What's the Best Diet for You? A Brief Guided Self-Exploration

Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 3:30 pm via Zoom
Facilitators: Christina Figueroa, MS, RDN and Cindy Milner, MSEd, RDN

Free and open to all undergraduate & graduate / professional students.

In this short, 30- to 40-minute presentation and discussion, we will explore the term "diet," consider the pros and cons of diets and “dieting," and reflect on ways to honor your unique needs while building a nutritional foundation that is right for YOU.

Register in advance for this meeting:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.

CAPS Workshop: Perfectionism: Friend or Foe

Thursday, December 9 from 3:30-4:30 pm
Facilitator: Sheila Singh, PhD

Register for the December 9 Perfectionism workshop

In this workshop, we will focus on what perfectionism is, how it may show up in your life, the damage it can do, and some strategies for keeping it in check.

Let's Meditate: Outside!

Let's Meditate: Student Meditation in Sapsucker Woods

Friday December 10 from 9:30 - 10:30 am
Meet at the main entrance to the Lab of Ornithology's Visitor Center.

Come to the Lab of Ornithology's Sapsucker Woods for a stress reduction guided meditation experience during the pre-exam study period.

The mental and physical benefits of spending time outdoors have been well documented, and so have the benefits of meditation and mindfulness. In combination, meditation while spending time in nature provides a unique experience for the mind and body and allows all the senses to participate in the practice.

This meditation will take place outdoors, on the trails of Sapsucker Woods so please dress accordingly. Meet at the main entrance to the Lab of Ornithology's Visitor Center. Masks will be required.

Transportation options: TCAT Route 31/41

CAPS Workshop: What is My Problem? The Science (and Art) of Procrastination

Friday, December 10 from 3 - 4 pm
Facilitator: Wai-Kwong Wong, PhD

Register for the December 10 Procrastination workshop

Do you procrastinate? Are you doing it right now? Are you sick and frustrated because you keep doing this to yourself? Come learn about procrastination and how you might get more done in your life.

Holiday Hours for the Cornell Food Pantry

December 8th and through December 23rd

Tuesdays & Thursdays 4 - 7 pm & Wednesdays & Fridays 10 am - 1pm

Looking for ways to add more nutritious "brain food" to your diet during study period and finals week? The Cornell Food Pantry can help. Free, confidential access to food and personal care items is available to Cornell undergraduate and graduate students, as well as Cornell staff and faculty. The Food Pantry is located at 109 McGraw Place.

Note: The Food Pantry will be closed Friday, December 24 through Sunday, January 5 for winter break, so plan to stock up now, especially if you will be staying in Ithaca over Winter Break.

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Want to Thank a Professor? There's Still Time!

November 29 - December 10

Your professors are deeply invested in your educational experience. Perhaps they worked to create an inclusive learning environment, made class especially interesting or engaging, or gave you important advice at just the right time. Let them know that you appreciate their contributions to your learning. Thank one or all of the professors who taught your classes this semester.

Click here for more information.

Nature Up! Yes, even in cold weather

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Ithaca is well known for its winter weather and you should be prepared for cold, snow, and ice. Proper winter footwear, warm clothing and cold weather outerwear will be important as you travel around campus both before and after the Winter Break. Think "layers" and cover your neck, head (including your ears) and your hands.

Bundle Up & Check Out the Spaces of Winter Beauty in the Cornell Botanic Gardens

In winter, the colors, shapes, and textures of our now-dormant plants provide interest throughout the collections. Especially stunning are the dry grasses, winterberry fruits, and evergreen shrubs in the Zucker Shrub Collection, as well as conifers such as the spruces, firs, and pines in the Mullestein Winter Garden, on Conifer Slope and at Kienzle Overlook.

Preparing for traveling for winter break

Need pre-travel COVID testing? Schedule supplemental testing through the Daily Check. Learn more about pre-travel COVID testing requirements.

Need prescription refills? Find out how to get refills when you're away from campus.

A note about COVID

As COVID cases begin to climb again at Cornell and in Tompkins County, please continue following precautions to keep you, and the extended community, healthy and safe.

1. Get a COVID-19 booster as soon as you are eligible to do so. The boosters are free and widely

available to all adults over 18 years and help to ensure the maximum possible protection

against the virus. Please see the Tompkins County website for booster information.

2. Masks are highly effective at preventing transmission of respiratory illness, including COVID-

19 and influenza, which has been circulating on campus since the end of October. Please

continue to follow Cornell’s mandatory face covering requirements indoors and practice

other established preventative measures.

Flu season is here!

Cornell Health is seeing a spike in influenza cases among students. If you missed our fall flu vaccine clinics, consider getting your flu vaccine at a local pharmacy or when you’re home for Winter Break. And remember to protect yourself – and those around you – by washing your hands often, keeping your distance from those who are sick, and staying out of circulation when you’re feeling sick.

24/7 Talk and Text Resources

Are you struggling and need/want someone to talk with? You Are NOT alone.

Help is available any time day or night by connecting with the following resources.

You don't have to be in crisis
to take advantage of these free opportunities to speak or chat with a trained professional or volunteer who can listen to your concerns, and offer insight and advice.

The following resources are here to support you:

Cornell (24/7):

Ithaca hotlines (24/7):

National hotlines (24/7):

National text / chat services (24/7):

International services: