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March 4, 2013

We have a busy week ahead of us! Highlights include the NWEA Reading test on Tuesday and reading unit 4 test on Thursday. This is a lot to approach in one week. We may test into next week as well. Thank you for any support you can give your child; such as, encouraging adequate rest and a healthy breakfast. We talked about determination and effort in the NWEA and that a mental approach to doing one's best and giving one's all is what we expect, not a certain score. Students will test Math NWEA next week.

Our students also look forward to celebrating the end of the week with the Spring Fling at Garfield, from 6:30pm-8:30pm, and a day off on Friday as I prepare conference reports. Conference forms have been mailed and you should be receiving them soon. If you'd like a scheduled conference, please return the slip as soon as possible so that I can find a workable time for you.

I look forward to meeting with you again in the upcoming weeks!

Mrs. Sheldrup

March's Events and Notes

3/5 PTO meeting 5:30, Media Center
3/6 ExCEL Session II ends
3/7 Spring Blast
3/8 No School- Teachers write conference reports
3/12 Students begin Health, 2- Hour late start
3/19 Parent-Teacher Conferences, Scheduled, 3:15 – 8:00 pm
3/21 Parent-Teacher Conferences, Arena, 3:15 – 8:00 pm
3/22 Parent-Teacher Conferences, Scheduled, 7:30 – 12:00 pm
3/25-3/31 No School, Spring Break

This Week's Reading Focus: Mindset and Strategy

This is a big week with assessments! The students and I spoke last week about the importance of mindset when facing a challenging task. A student who makes the choice to do his or her best often find his/her efforts are not wasted. He/she is more likely to utilize more reading and test taking strategies as well as allow themselves the time to prove an answer.

Your child can benefit from hearing about a time when you used this approach as well. Afterwards, help your child make a game plan. What mantra or belief will your child go into the test with? How will they face a challenge? What strategies does she/he have in her/his reading toolbox? How will your child feel when he/she has given 100%? We will be discussing these questions at school as well.

Thanks for your support!

Unit 4 Tested Skills

*Author's Purpose
*Author's Perspective
*Fact and Opinion
*Compare and Contrast


*Research Paper

This Month's Focus: DETERMINATION

At Garfield, we emphasize P.R.I.D.E. in student behavior and choices. The acronym means:
P- Preparedness
R- Respect
I- Integrity
D- Determination
E- Excellence

Here is a great Determination image from a poster to discuss with your child.

This month's focus is on Determination. One way for you to support your child's efforts in school is to have a discussion on Determination. Here are some supporting questions you may choose to use:

  1. What is Determination?
  2. How is Determination similar/different at home and school?
  3. If someone is Determined, what kinds of choices do they make?
  4. How can a person increase their Determination?
  5. Describe what choices you make at school to show Determination.
  6. Rate your Determination at school.
  7. How could you show more Determination in learning?
  8. How will you benefit if you show more Determination?
  9. Set a Determination Goal. What steps will you take to achieve it? When should it be achieved by? How will we know?
  10. How can you show Determination on the NWEA Reading test?

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