Ms. Plumley's Third Grade 2016-2017

October 17-20

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Weekly Update

It's hard to believe that the first nine weeks are over! It has flown by! You got letters about the Columbia trip last week. Five of the seven chaperone spots have been filled, so if you are interested in going as a chaperone please let me know ASAP. Please note on the letter the four dates that the payments can be made. The first date is this Thursday October 20th. I will send a reminder each time. Once you have paid you can disregard the other reminders. You are getting the letter and permission slip for our field trip to Chimney Rock Monday. This trip will be on November 16 (Wednesday) and will be $13. I know the students are going to love this trip! The two days that payments can be made for this are October 28 or November 4! Also, don't forget Awards Day is on October 28th from 9:45-10:15. We are excited about sharing our accomplishments from the first nine weeks. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks and have a great week!

What Are We Doing This Week?

Reading-This week we will discuss myths and how they are different based on what culture they are from. We will discuss how these cultures are different from ours. We will also discuss the moral of each myth.

Math-This week will be working on subtraction story problems and reading the problems carefully to make sure we know exactly what we are supposed to do to solve the problem. We will also look at determining if an equation is equal or not equal. Example: 15_____9+6 would be equal, but 15_____5+6 would be not equal.

Social Studies-We will continue with the Catawba tribe this week and then learn about the Yemassee. Our test will be next Thursday, October 27.

Calendar of Events


18-Parent Teacher Conferences

20-Parent Teacher Conferences

20-Columbia Payment CAN be turned in (there are three other dates)

21-No School

24-28-Red Ribbon Week

28-Awards Day *****9:45-10:15

28-Spirit Day

28-Chimney Rock payments will be accepted (November 4 is other date)

Vocabulary Set Five

1. restate-to state again or in another way (Monday)

2. identify-to find or show (Tuesday)

3. modify-to make changes, to lower or reduce the amount (Wednesday)

4. interpret-to understand according to what you believe or you are interested in (Thursday)

5. summarize-to tell the main points briefly (Next Monday)

6. examine-to look at or check carefully (Next Tuesday)

7. manipulate-to manage skillfully/ to work (Next Wednesday)

Next Thursday-Review-Next Friday-test

Weekly Lunch Choices


Choice 1-Pancakes

Choice 2-Biscuit and Gravy

Choice 3-Yogurt and Animal Cracker Fun Lunch


Choice 1-Meatloaf

Choice 2-Corn Dog

Choice 3-Chicken Ranch Wrap


Choice 1-Pepperoni Pizza

Choice 2-Turkey and Cheese Sub

Choice 3-Cheesy Chef Salad


Choice 1-Sloppy Joe

Choice 2-Roasted Chicken

Choice 3-Sweet and Crunchy Chickpea Wrap