by joanna

this is how I spend my christmas

what happend in christmas

For Christmas I went to Navojoa to see my grandma because she has dibeties so they cut her leg off.We were going to leave on Monday 30th but I did not wanted to leave so we moved it on Thursday.This is one of the presents my mom and dad got for me we went to the beach.Then my mom got bit by a Mantaray it is the fish down bellow.I got a lot of presents this year.The frist present I got this year was a neck less that has a key and a lock.The next present I got was a tooth tunes tooth brush.The next present I got was a star bucks gift card.The next present I got makeup.The next present I got was glow in the dark stars.The next present I got was pairfum.The next thing I got was a piggy bank and it is really cut.The next thing I got was a pair of pink sparkle boots.The next thing I got was that game were you roll the dice and it shows a number up to 1 to 3 and you need to push the stick what ever number it tells the dice.If some body makes the bollon pop then they lose.The last present I got for christmas was a pink pures.