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From the desk of Miss Eallonardo

A Few Words From Miss Eallonardo


I can hardly believe that we are starting our third week of school! It has been wonderful getting to meet all of my Pelican Friends as we introduce ourselves to each other. I will be continuing this week to go into classrooms so I can say "Hi!" to old friends and new, while they learn a little bit about me.

Also, if you have a moment to spare, I'm looking for your input to make sure that our counseling program is meeting the needs of all of our Pelicans, not only the students but their families as well. Using the link, please answer a few short questions for me so you can let me know how I can best assist everyone this year. All answers are anonymous and would be very helpful to me!

Need an Appointment?

There are several ways to set up an appointment, either for yourself or for your child:

1. Set up a meeting through Calendly.

Using the links below, you can set up an appointment-either for yourself or for your child. Calendly lets you know when I am (or am not) available. You will also be able to choose for me to contact you by phone, Zoom, or Google Meeting.

2. Request an appointment through email or phone call.

3. Have your child’s teacher request the appointment.

Please make sure to give the best time for me to call and the best way to reach you at that time.

Calendly Appointment for Parent/Guardian:

Calendly Appointment for Student:

Office Phone:

(912) 395-6742, ext. 74918

Work Cell Phone:

(912) 483-8947



Community Resource Information

Þ Gateway Behavioral 912-790-6500

Þ H.U.G.S. (Heads Up Guidance Services) Counseling 912-417-4320

Þ The Front Porch 912-652-6555

Þ ACCESS Mental Health- 912-200- 9818

Þ Chatham Health Dept. 912-356- 2441

Þ Curtis V. Cooper 912-527-1100 Salvation Army 912-651-7420

Þ American Red Cross 912-338-4894

Þ United Way 211 or 651-7700

Þ African American Health Information & Resource Center/St. Joseph (912) 447-6605