Freak the Mighty

By CJ Breheny

Morquios Syndrom

This is a disease that get progressively worse as the person gets older. This syndrome is caused when the carrier is born without certain proteins that are needed to break down the sugars properly and causes problems with the body. It causes a shorter life span, smaller than the average human and disables the victim from walking.

Dear Abby

Dear Abby,

I have had a problem with making friends my entire life. I'm not very social and confident. All until i moved into a new town and met a new kid names Kevin. Hes nice, funny, and smart. We soon became friends and went on many quests. He had morquios syndrome but it didn't matter to me. He recently passed away and i have had trouble dealing with it. Is their any advice you could give me to help me get passed it? Any reply would be appreciated.


I think the book deserved a 3 star in my scale. I thought the story was a little slow and it wasn't my type of book. I could see a person that enjoyed this genre but not me. I think overall it was a good book though.


Kevin known better as “Freak” has passed away. Kevin created many little games and adventures with his best friend Max. He had a mother named Gwen and he was very imaginative. He had lived a very full life for the few years he had lived, he had been around 14 years old; he was in 8th grade. While alive Kevin had touched not only Max’s life but Grim,Gram,Gwen, and his fellow classmates. His other accomplishments were teaching Max more about reading and words, he had returned a purse stolen from Loretta, he even saved Max from his father. Personality wise Kevin was caring and compassionate and smart, very smart. Lastly some of his interests, he was very interested in reading and science.

Rodrick Philbrick

Rodrick Philbrick published Freak the Mighty in 1993 and won the Shamus award same year. The book won several awards and was later turned into a movie called "The Mighty". He went on to write many more books and became a very successful actor.

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