Christy O'Neill


Her Promise

Christy O'Neill is a woman of the people. She pledges to divide her time between her constituents in her native state of Montana, going to town halls while she is in state and listening to your voice. Her mailbox and social media are always open to comments and concerns and all are included on this page.


O'Neill prizes education and educational reform above all else. Her focus is helping to provide every child the opportunity to have a college education and to encourage grants for people studying in the STEM Field. She advocates for more resources poured into children in less affluent neighborhoods at an early age in order to help them meet academic standards.

Social Issues

Christie O'Neill votes in favor of equal treatment and opportunity for all people. She is in favor of affirmative action and Paycheck Fairness Act as she recognizes that people in historically underprivileged and mistreated minorities often face a subconsciously hostile environment that lessen their chances to succeed.


O'Neill's policy in the realm of Environment are in support of finding alternative and less wasteful sources of renewable energy, so as to not damage the world we live in. She is in opposition to fracking and looks toward devoting more funds to become energy independent in the future while also environmentally-friendly.

About Christie O'Neill

O’Neill grew up in a small town in Montana and has always allowed her experiences to shape her life. She has a Bachelor of Sciences in Agricultural Sciences, a minor in Economics and PhD in Biology. Using her background in science and the humanities as well as her work in community service, she applies her knowledge and puts it to work as a civil servant in the US Senate. She is truly one of the people and she regards it as an absolute honor to be representing the citizens of Montana.