High School Tech Live Training List

last updated 12/1/2021

How to Enroll

2. Click the "Enrollment Link" provided below for the course you want to attend.

3. Click the "ENROLL" button at the top of the window.

NOTE: If your ENROLL button is inactive and you believe you are eligible for the course, please contact the Course Instructor for assistance.
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Tech of the Month will be 20-30 minutes of hands-on practice with your iPad & a chosen iPad app. Come play and walk away with ways to integrate the app into your class tomorrow!

  • GCM, Lee, & Sterling staff - Come before school, during your planning period, or after school to your campus library on your assigned day.

Credit Hours

.5 hours

Enrollment Links

Dates and links will be sent via email at the beginning of each month.

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More Coming Soon!

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